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Can't remove podcast from "your shows"

Can't remove podcast from "your shows"

So I've had this issue for a while. If you take a look at the picture, you can see that when I'm on my homepage, the first thing that pops up is the "ASMR with Amouranth" podcast.

First of all. I do not listen to podcasts and not plan on ever doing this. However, all I see on my homepage on my phone and iPad are podcasts. The first tab is "your shows" (on my pc I see this podcast as the first one and other random podcasts that are recommended). I listened to this podcast for literally 2 seconds, because I was curious what it was. Now, after 3 months, I still see this podcast as the first thing on my homepage.


My first question to the support team is, why is there not a way to customize your homepage? Literally all I have are random podcasts on my homepage. I have Spotify for music and not for podcasts, so I would like to add my own tabs, like for instance a genre and playlists.

I get that you guys have this layout for the homepage to recommend more artists to more people, but like please, let someone decide for themself whether they want certain catagories of music or podcasts on their homepage or not. For instance, with YouTube, on your own channel page, you can add and remove catagories like "most watched" and "most recently uploaded". On Spotify there is not a single customisation you can do to your homepage. Why is that?


Now what I'm mainly here for:

I have tried everything to remove the podcast. Next to the show there's a button to add more podcasts. When I add random podcasts, I can also remove those. However. With the "ASMR with Amouranth" podcast, I can add it, even though it's already for some reason and when I remove it, it stays there. I do literally the same thing as I do with random podcasts, but this one doesn't go away. I tried selecting everything as 'finished listening to' and doing the same as above, but that doesn't work. Selecting everything as not listened to also doesn't work. 

HOW do I remove this podcast? I've tried literally everything.

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Hi there @Zovati,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community and welcome!


In that section of your Home page you'll find the podcasts you've listened to, even if it was for a short time, as well as some podcast recommendations.


Even though it isn't possible to customize your Home page and manually remove those podcasts, we understand where you're coming from and appreciate your feedback on the matter. We invite you to add your +Vote to this idea to show your support. The idea is still open for voting despite its current status.


You can read more about how feedback on ideas reaches Spotify here.


Once again, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback, as it's really important for us to keep improving the app and the overall experience.


If you need a hand with anything else, the Community is here for you.



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Thanks for your reply. However, it is still unclear to me.


The weird thing to me is that I can add and remove other podcasts to that section, but with the one I listened to for 2 seconds I can't remove it.

So there is no way to remove this podcast? For the past 2-3 months I've had the ASMR podcast on my homescreen. With all the respect, but I don't want that ASMR bullsh.t on my spotify homescreen. After 3 months, it's now really starting to me off. Every time I open my Spotify, I feel like I'm on P.rnh.b because of her podcast cover. I have Spotify for music, not for some stupid fetish sh.t.
Why can it not get removed from there by for instance pressing "mark as finished". Why can I add and remove other podcasts to that section that I haven't listened to, but the one that I HAVE listened to and want gone is stuck there for ever? It doesn't make any sense.


As a company you want a good user experience for your customers and as of lately, I've been unhappy with Spotify's user experience. The post you mentioned to me is 3 years old and has almost 4000 likes. How much longer and how many more likes is it going to take to finally make a change?


The intention of this tab is to add and remove podcasts, hence the name "Your shows". Listening to something, doesn't mean it should be stuck there forever. It can happen that you check out a podcast and you end up not liking it. People should have the option to then remove the podcast, instead of getting forced to see it every time they open the application.

"In that section of your Home page you'll find the podcasts you've listened to, even if it was for a short time, as well as some podcast recommendations." True and untrue. It only shows recommendations on PC, not on your phone. At least not in the "Your shows" tab. 


There's a difference between customising your whole homepage or being able to edit your own playlist / shows.


The intention for playlists is to add and remove songs. If you want to remove a song from your playlist, that you've already listened to, then you can do that. However, with the "Your shows" tab, this doesn't work. The first thing works; adding and removing podcasts, but when you have listened to a podcast, then it's stuck there forever.


The "Your shows" tab is not working like it's supposed to. So may I ask why you are sending me to a 3 year old post about customising your homepage, that will mostlikely not get accepted, rather than actually sending my post to someone higher up?



Once again, thanks for your response. I am not trying to be aggressive, if this may seem so. I appreciate the help you are trying to provide me.

Having a very similar issue.  Very frustrating and thinking of deleting Spotify.

I'm very disturbed by that move of Spotify to make soft p<o>r<n> advertisement on a paid product. Please remove that profile from the front page or at the very least make it possible to hide soft p<o>r<n> on Spotify!

This is not just about hiding content, this is also bold move to show unethical content to users. It's not because we are adults that you can show soft p<o>r<n> to users without consent.

Would appreciate it if you guys could take your time to help me fix this, instead of ignoring this issue I have. It's a community website after all, so getting an answer (after 3 weeks) would be nice.

Spotify should take into account their reviews from all useres, since their ads keep complaining about customisation and what not, Amouranth was banned on twitch for a particular reason, and a majority of the users (if they want to watch her content) can go to other portals, or search for her on spotify itself. just because a creator has a large user base does not mean you should force it on people who do not intend on listening to them. I do not see marginalised artists showing up on spotify's page, but on sponsored ads for which I'm sure they paid you guys money. Fix the user interface, and fix your user platform.

I, too, am very much considering a switch to another content provider.  Spotify's  podcast management is an absolute dice-roll.

Try to get support from your phone.  It will provide the same results as...oh, I don't know...intuitive content feeds.


That'd be statistically < 10%, if I were to eyeball it. 


Also, I shouldn't have had to research how to get support. 


Unless you are in the middle of acquisition, get better algorithms.   You can basically reverse engineer your music algorithm either correctly or incorrectly in about two minutes.  After two minutes is up, your algorithm for music recommendations has training wheels. It's like, "hey, let's sort them by most played...I'm taking lunch."



Remove the section shows to try, let users customize their HOME screen, i am not paying for a service that has pop ups ads of content that are soft p[o][r][n].


Ive NEVER heard any podcast from spotify and will never do.




or i will just switch services.


I have been using spotify for over 10 years now and this is getting too dumb to just look the other way.

Thank you for your post. I am having the same issue with Amouranth podcast. And it's annoying.

WHY CANT YOU LET ME DELETE IT. Like really, it's not that difficult, Spotify. When I open my spotify home menu, the last thing I want to see is a thumbnail pic of this dirty, moaning "podcast." It is so irritating. I've added dozens of podcast to see if I can push AMOURANTH out of the top shows list. But this dirty moaning podcast, that i never subscribed, never fails to shows up.


Only logical reason behind this is Spotify is paid to promote this podcast. So the lucky users like me have to permanently have it imbedded in our home menu. Get your sh*t together Spotify!!

seriously spotify. you an exponential amount of complaints about this. what is your deal?

This is ludicrous. We entrust Spotify with potentially sensitive data (our listening history). But Spotify does not honour the spirit of the GDPR legislation by giving us some control of our own data. Spotify will not give in though, because Spotify thinks it can make more money by manipulating what we listen to.

I too tried to get rid of one show that showed prominently in my "My shows" panel. However, I found a quick way to de-prioritize the pod and thus putting it out of sight. I did this:

Bring up a show that you DON'T mind being displayed on "Your shows", and click perhaps 100 times on Subscribe/Unsubscribe in rapid order. Follow this by 100 Notify/not notify. Repeat. Spend a few minutes on that. This will cause Spotify's rather braindead algorithm to believe that you are really interested in this pod and up-prioritize it. Repeat this procedure with other shows that you don't mind are shown. It took me perhaps 10 minutes to "fix my problem". In fact, on the iPhone it went so well that the whole panel was not only rearranged but put further down on the page.

It's driving me crazy, right at the top of my homepage is 1. A boring podcast my employers created, that I did the album artwork for and tested once, and a podcast my partner listened to once on a smart speaker linked to my house.


These are 'My shows' and demand to be at the top of the home page every day for the rest of my life.

Spotify is a podcast joke 

how long did it take for the results of your algorithm-prodding to come to fruition? I just tried this on iphone and desktop

Follow up on how to game the algorithm. The day after I wrote this, the pod I didn’t want was back on its prominent place. And my trick did not work either when I tried to repeat it. Spotify is really on this case and is determined not to let us users have any control of the app that we pay a lot of money for. Sorry to report this, But shame on Spotify.

Adding my voice to the chorus of complaints here. It's incredibly frustrating to have podcasts prominently featured in "Your shows" which I listened to less than a minute of two years ago while podcasts I listen to regularly don't even appear!

Please help us with this situation, at least add a function like “dismiss/dislike this RECOMMENDED podcast/show”,so I don’t have to open my most used music app then find four recommended unpleasant podcast cover, and all these are adult content advertisements.

I am going to unsubscribe from my payment subscription and use a different app. This feature was requested years ago (back in 2019) - why haven't you proritised this work? Absolutely useless customer service. F*ck you spotify, seriously.

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