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Can't remove podcast from "your shows"

Can't remove podcast from "your shows"

So I've had this issue for a while. If you take a look at the picture, you can see that when I'm on my homepage, the first thing that pops up is the "ASMR with Amouranth" podcast.

First of all. I do not listen to podcasts and not plan on ever doing this. However, all I see on my homepage on my phone and iPad are podcasts. The first tab is "your shows" (on my pc I see this podcast as the first one and other random podcasts that are recommended). I listened to this podcast for literally 2 seconds, because I was curious what it was. Now, after 3 months, I still see this podcast as the first thing on my homepage.


My first question to the support team is, why is there not a way to customize your homepage? Literally all I have are random podcasts on my homepage. I have Spotify for music and not for podcasts, so I would like to add my own tabs, like for instance a genre and playlists.

I get that you guys have this layout for the homepage to recommend more artists to more people, but like please, let someone decide for themself whether they want certain catagories of music or podcasts on their homepage or not. For instance, with YouTube, on your own channel page, you can add and remove catagories like "most watched" and "most recently uploaded". On Spotify there is not a single customisation you can do to your homepage. Why is that?


Now what I'm mainly here for:

I have tried everything to remove the podcast. Next to the show there's a button to add more podcasts. When I add random podcasts, I can also remove those. However. With the "ASMR with Amouranth" podcast, I can add it, even though it's already for some reason and when I remove it, it stays there. I do literally the same thing as I do with random podcasts, but this one doesn't go away. I tried selecting everything as 'finished listening to' and doing the same as above, but that doesn't work. Selecting everything as not listened to also doesn't work. 

HOW do I remove this podcast? I've tried literally everything.

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This is ridiculous. I listened to half of one episode of an lgbt podcast that I didn't end up liking, and now that podcast is permanently featured as one of "[my] shows" on my Spotify homepage, while another podcast that I love and listen to almost every day isn't featured there. And the moderator's solution to this is for us to "vote" for this "feature" (that we should have in the first place), even though Spotify's response to this vote is "lol nah we have no plans to implement this"? This is shameful. Not everyone knows im gay, but the first thing that anyone sees when they look at my Spotify homepage is "THE BIG GAY BUCKETLIST" even though I disliked it enough that I didn't even make it through the episode. I'd rather be outed by a better podcast. Fix your platform or else I will stop paying for it.

OMFG after years & years on Apple Poscasts I made the switch to Spotify for Chromecast/Xbox streaming compatibility. Screw this. Spotify is a waste of my money. I only have it through a phone plan & it isn’t even worth the 50% off.

Do not call a list “Your Shows” if you are the only entity controlling it.

Do not prevent your customers (we pay our money to you) from being able to dismiss your dodgy, erratic recommendations.

I don’t need you to tell me what is good.

That’s my job.

Do yours.

I have found a work-around. You can push whatever show out of "Your Shows" list by doing the following:

  1. Unfollow and mark all episodes as unplayed for the podcast you want to be removed from "Your Shows"
  2. Search for podcasts in the spotify app
  3. Do the following for ~10 different podcasts that you don't mind appearing on "Your Shows" list
    1. Follow the podcast
    2. Mark 10+ episodes as played (you can do this by clicking the little menu button and selecting option Mark as played
  4. After you have done step 2, you should see these new podcasts popping up in "Your Shows", replacing or pushing out the podcast you don't want

Hope this helps some of you guys! Pain in the ass, but spotify is useless, so we have to take measures into our own hands.


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Ik heb precies hetzelfde maar dan met een andere ASMR podcast en ik heb een aantal podcasts extra zitten "luisteren" zodat die op mijn startscherm zouden komen ipv die podcast, maar alsnog vindt dat klote ding altijd weer een plekje te vinden als ik Spotify opstart.

Adding another complaint. Feels very bad not being able to remove something from the HOME page of the app, that you've randomly played several months ago for 1 second. What's the deal? Do I have to delete the whole account to get rid of it?

Why tf spotify ignores this ?????

Please sort this out Spotify...

Incredibly frustrating. Using Spotify on my work laptop and I have to make sure that other's don't see this soft p0rn.

HOW HARD IS IT OMFG. It's such an easy feature to implement. I'm going to cancel my family plan and go for other service quite possibly because of this bullsh1t. This is totally unacceptable, I don't want a thot every time I open spotify

Ah s c r  ew it. Thanks for nothing, spotify. How hard can it be to add the option "I'm not interested" Do I have to create a new account for browsing every time?


I think I solved it for real and easy and doable in a few seconds. The problem is that when you start listening to a song or podcast episode, it will be marked as active. You can see it as " x minutes left". Sometimes it's not shown, but it is still marked. That's why it is in "your shows". Why? I don't know and it's stupid. But here's the fix:


1. Open the podcast page, look for the active episode and start it.

2. Enqueue some other music in your playlist. (so the episode does not start again at the end, 1 song is enough)

3. Jump to the last seconds of the episode and let it finish.

4. Again open the podcast page and mark the episode as unplayed.

5. Profit

6. Hoping it's still working some days later. 😄


This makes the podcast episode finished and cancels the "in progress" state. After that maybe click a bit through your recently played tab if you want to get rid of it in the last played preview.

Spotify, I also want this ability. If you won't let us remove "Your shows" at least let us decide what shows up there.

I want to delete a podcast in "your shows". I never listened to it and I never will. My wife swears, she only briefly clicked on it on soundcloud. It is ridiculous that I cannot get rid of it. It is the most prominent entry on the start page. This is absolutely bad user experience and negative personalization. Worst practice. How can I delete this podcast?

I was forced to join this community because i have the exact same problem as everyone else above. ASMR by Amouranth shows and other erotic episodes keep appearing on my Recently Played and Shows list which I've never listened nor searched before. At first I thought my account had been hacked and I've changed my password 3 times but new 'asmr' content kept showing without my active activity in that area. Block Explicit content is already turned on but obviously this is not working. I hope Spotify solves this before you lose more listeners.


I got this gogy???/slugbug thing popping up, his only published one podcast. I never listened to this and I don't follow, but of course the kids might have used my account long ago.


Anyway, I just cant get rid of this! I see his face every day, it's super annoying! 😂


Hi folks,


Thank you for your posts and feedback.


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You can refer to @CarlosE's post for more info on the matter.


Take care!

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I've never listened to a podcast on Spotify and I don't intend to. I like Spotify for music and that's all. However for the past 2 weeks, every time I open my Spotify app, the first thing I see is "Episodes for you" and one of the top 2 recommended episodes for me is GAYOTIC which has a picture of someone's ass as the cover art. I don't want to have to hide my phone screen every time I open Spotify, PLEASE at least let us dismiss shows we aren't interested in if you won't let us remove the podcast section that appears on the home screen.

Literally thinking of unsubscribe and delete Spotify because of the same issue.


Also worth noting, these dirty podcasts show up automatically in "Shows you might like" section as well, so user clicking on them isn't even necessary for this embarrassing**bleep** to happen.


Product managers deserve to be fired to allow the app become permanently NSFW for your users who simply wanna enjoy some music instead of seeing **bleep** in a MUSIC app. Imagine using Spotify in CarPlay and showing them to your family and friends.


Will be forced to delete app if this is not solved ASAP, what a shame

Please remove soft "pawnography" from my homepage. I do not want to see this. I have been using spotify for the last 5 years and can't tolerate this. 

I posted a question to the Swedish Consumer agency:


"I pay for Spotify. Their app has a home page that displays "Your shows" (Dina program) which is a selection of pods that Spotify likes me to see as part of their marketing. The problem is that I have no influence over what shows are displayed there. A show that I may have listened to for 10 minutes several months ago may still be shown prominently on this list. This can be very embarassing since other people often see my home page. Some shows are pornographic in nature, or can be seen to be pornographic. Many users in the Spotify community have asked Spotify to remove this "feature" but no action is taken. I would therefore like to ask you whether Spotify violates the GDPR legislation. I believe that Spotify does direct marketing of some pods and that therefore they are bound by the following law. Here is a quote:
"Article 21 of the GDPR states that “where personal data are processed for direct marketing purposes, the data subject shall have the right to object at any time to processing of personal data concerning him or her for such marketing” and that “where the data subject objects to processing for direct marketing purposes, the personal data shall no longer be processed for such purposes.”even if opt-in consent is not required before sending marketing emails, the GDPR requires that the recipient always be provided with an opportunity to opt-out of receiving such emails."
Does Spotify violate the law here? Or is the loop hole that this law only regards emails and SMS?
Thank you"


I received the following reply:


"Regarding your questions about GDPR, I need to refer you to Integritetsmyndigheten (IMY) for guidence. IMY


Konsumentverket is the authority that has the responsibility to supervise "marknadsföringslagen" (marketing act). Marketing violates the law when it does not follow good marketing practice, is misleading or aggressive. If you for example think that Spotify´s marketing is aggressive you can make a report to Konsumentverket.

This is how you file a complaint

Best regards"



This is unacceptable. The thing you're asking us to vote on is 3 years old, and it took 2 years for Spotify to even address it and categorize it as "not right now". Are we supposed to wait another 2 years for them to look at it again, and categorize it as "maybe later"? I'm not waiting that long. I should do like that other user did and file a consumer complaint.

Adding my complaint on this same issue as well. I don't want random podcasts I listen to once to be forever plastered on my homescreen

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