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Can't remove podcast from "your shows"

Can't remove podcast from "your shows"

So I've had this issue for a while. If you take a look at the picture, you can see that when I'm on my homepage, the first thing that pops up is the "ASMR with Amouranth" podcast.

First of all. I do not listen to podcasts and not plan on ever doing this. However, all I see on my homepage on my phone and iPad are podcasts. The first tab is "your shows" (on my pc I see this podcast as the first one and other random podcasts that are recommended). I listened to this podcast for literally 2 seconds, because I was curious what it was. Now, after 3 months, I still see this podcast as the first thing on my homepage.


My first question to the support team is, why is there not a way to customize your homepage? Literally all I have are random podcasts on my homepage. I have Spotify for music and not for podcasts, so I would like to add my own tabs, like for instance a genre and playlists.

I get that you guys have this layout for the homepage to recommend more artists to more people, but like please, let someone decide for themself whether they want certain catagories of music or podcasts on their homepage or not. For instance, with YouTube, on your own channel page, you can add and remove catagories like "most watched" and "most recently uploaded". On Spotify there is not a single customisation you can do to your homepage. Why is that?


Now what I'm mainly here for:

I have tried everything to remove the podcast. Next to the show there's a button to add more podcasts. When I add random podcasts, I can also remove those. However. With the "ASMR with Amouranth" podcast, I can add it, even though it's already for some reason and when I remove it, it stays there. I do literally the same thing as I do with random podcasts, but this one doesn't go away. I tried selecting everything as 'finished listening to' and doing the same as above, but that doesn't work. Selecting everything as not listened to also doesn't work. 

HOW do I remove this podcast? I've tried literally everything.

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a podcast called ‘Call me Daddy’ (annoying US podcast).

Basically one needs to log out.

When you log back in your homepage will be reset.

There will be recommendations, which you can then choose to be ‘Not Interesred’.

BTW this forum doesn’t work very well. Cut most of my reply.

Sort it out Spotify or us paying customers will go elsewhere.

How I it going 3 years later? 😳

Such an annoying issue that would take no time at all to implement a fix for. Complaints for this go back years, stop ignoring us. Just add "Remove from section" to the right-click / long-press menu. It's unbelievable that you haven't sorted this out by now.

I’m using Apple Music currently ...

I cancelled my account over a year ago. I only listen to a few things so was not worth it. I was not going to pay for something that kept annoying me when I used it. I'm still annoyed but at least I'm not paying.

I fell you. We have had Spotify since it came. We are 6 people, so now on a family plan, but we will try out Apple Music this week. 

It is now 2024 and these idiots still haven’t fixed this problem.   Accidentally followed an incorrect podcast before I found the real one and now it’s the first one on my home page and can’t remove it.   

OK THIS NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED. I just started listening to podcasts, specifying for self help purposes. Im paying a premium as to not be annoyed or disturbed by pushy commercials. I listen ONLY to "The One You Feed",  "Sober Curious"  and Tara Branch meditations. Yet all of a sudden Im listening to Trumps court drama against my will. When I tried to remove or unfollow the auto suggested  "Media Touch Podcast" I couldn't! What's worse is I ended up adding it to my cue AND favorites while attempting to get rid of it. I can't NOT see it when I log in and it keeps playing whenever my meditation podcasts end. Which is counterproductive to my personal podcast journey. Even more so than annoying commercials. Furthermore now i'm getting more suggestions just like it! I CAN NOT believe Spotify doesn't have a dislike, remove or even hide option. Especially when forcibly subjecting its paying customers to a BAD suggestion. It's like wanting to listen to Cardi B and being ear rapped by Fox News. Sheesh. Do better.

Mandy Kitana

I agree wholeheartedly, esp as a "Premium" member. 


And nothing against Dax personally, but if I have to see this pic EVERY time I open Spotify... it just may send me over the edge 😉 

So please, Spotify, let us customize our homepages. Cheers

Screenshot 2024-05-03 at 11.20.35 AM.png

Hi fellow sufferers!


Wow, this almost three year old topic is still not solved ... it's a pity for Spotify.

I moved to Apple Music a year ago.

It was possible to transfer the playlist and this app connects better with my car but I'm not 100% satisfied. Managing of playlist, song suggestions and usability is a way more better with Spotify.
I need to confess that I often think about to switch back... we'll see.


This thread is so funny. I'm curious how and when this will ever end.




Sad, isn't it?

It's like real life, the leaders don't listen to the community 😉

New user@ wrote:
When I go to my "your Shows" page I can see some podcasts that I don't follow and I want to remove from my library because I don't like them.
If I click on the 3 dots I can only choose from Follow, Share Report - I just want to remove from my library.
How I can do it?

Have you tried this?

Almost 3 years later and this problem still hasn't been addressed. I have to hide my screen when I open the app since Spotify is hellbent on showing "C U M TOWN" at the top of the home screen. Just let me long press it and select "remove from suggestions". It's that simple.

Is spotify purposefully trying to push their paying customers away? You'd think with all the time they spend rolling out "AI" mood ring nonsense, there would be some energy directed to fixing clearly broken parts of their UI. Why does a member have to delete an entire account just to remove a half hour of listening that is wreaking havok on their LANDING PAGE? Is there not a single UX employee on their dev team? Or does spotify assume we're enthralled enough with their "which song is your zodiac mbti" BS to not notice the cracks in their app?

Well said!

So if Spotify raises the prices in Germany again, still doesn't offer lossless and/or you have to pay more for the audiobooks even though you don't listen to any...then I'm back with Apple Music for good.

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