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Can't remove podcast from "your shows"

Can't remove podcast from "your shows"

So I've had this issue for a while. If you take a look at the picture, you can see that when I'm on my homepage, the first thing that pops up is the "ASMR with Amouranth" podcast.

First of all. I do not listen to podcasts and not plan on ever doing this. However, all I see on my homepage on my phone and iPad are podcasts. The first tab is "your shows" (on my pc I see this podcast as the first one and other random podcasts that are recommended). I listened to this podcast for literally 2 seconds, because I was curious what it was. Now, after 3 months, I still see this podcast as the first thing on my homepage.


My first question to the support team is, why is there not a way to customize your homepage? Literally all I have are random podcasts on my homepage. I have Spotify for music and not for podcasts, so I would like to add my own tabs, like for instance a genre and playlists.

I get that you guys have this layout for the homepage to recommend more artists to more people, but like please, let someone decide for themself whether they want certain catagories of music or podcasts on their homepage or not. For instance, with YouTube, on your own channel page, you can add and remove catagories like "most watched" and "most recently uploaded". On Spotify there is not a single customisation you can do to your homepage. Why is that?


Now what I'm mainly here for:

I have tried everything to remove the podcast. Next to the show there's a button to add more podcasts. When I add random podcasts, I can also remove those. However. With the "ASMR with Amouranth" podcast, I can add it, even though it's already for some reason and when I remove it, it stays there. I do literally the same thing as I do with random podcasts, but this one doesn't go away. I tried selecting everything as 'finished listening to' and doing the same as above, but that doesn't work. Selecting everything as not listened to also doesn't work. 

HOW do I remove this podcast? I've tried literally everything.

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I think there will be people complaining about it every week, that's bullsh.t

absolutely shame 

f u spotify

This is not only stupid, it is just plain poor programming. Why would I want to see a podcast that I never listen to in my list of "recent" podcasts?

Glad to hear back from another developer. What the absolute **bleep** is going on over there? Is there a race to refine “barely useable”?

Is**bleep** just a bunch of PHP with Moo Tools?

Do your job and delete this.

This is ridiculous. Why can users not dismiss unwanted suggestions?????

Same problem. Same podcast.  Please let me remove it or hide it, or update with something else.

Why do my messages keep getting removed?

What a poorly made app.  Spotify knows their users want to fix this issue, but keep redirecting to a dead vote and acting like they are listening.  The main benefit of Spotify was the social feature which you can't use on mobile, even though that's were most people run Spotify from.  Stop pretending a fix for this issue isn't in demand.  Ugh I miss Google Play Music.

Just ran into the same issue. it's keenly frustrating that there's no option to hid or remove a show from the "Your Shows" section of the main page. Get it together, Spotify.

Hey SPOTIFY. Are you guys f*cking DUMB?

Let me get this straight. Because this issue doesn't have enough votes, means that you don't want to work on it?

This is a fatal flaw in your application, causing MANY people to unsubscribe and move to competitors. And yet you want us to vote? Is it not f*cking clear by the number of replies each week that this is causing a very real issue?

This would be equivalent of a cinema showing p0rnography before each movie starts - but refusing to remove it. "Oh yeah? The p0rn before the movie starts, yeah we had a few complaints - but we haven't received enough votes so we're going to keep playing p0rn"

DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND PEOPLE ARE EMBARRASSED AND DELETE THE APP INSTEAD OF VOTING? You guys are so absolutely blind sighted by the vote process, you fail to see the massive impact this is having on your customers.

F*cking stupid.

I would be ashamed to work at such a customer unfocused company. Forcing p0rn on people. You guys are disgusting.

P.S. Excuse my french.
P.P.S F*ck you spotify.

Moreover, this distinguished customer deserves praise and props for using the phrase “fatal flaw”.

I have the same problem...amouranth`s podcast. Seriously **bleep** off! Embarassing to open spotify in front of friends and family. Come on Spotify. Seriously. I can do so much with the music I wanna listen to, but a podcast that I don`t listen to is stuck. "your shows". No it`s not my show. Come on!!!!!!!

Hi there folks,


Thank you for your reply and feedback.


We understand that things can feel frustrating when things don't work as you'd like them to. Rest assured that we're always trying to improve as we always strive to improve our features.


We suggest that you head over to this idea and leave a +VOTE and Subscribe to the thread for any updates regarding this.


We hope for your understanding and that you continue using Spotify and find it gets better in the future.


Once again - thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it. Let us know if we can help you with anything else. 


Take care!

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Hi Jeremy, 

This "vote" thing has been open for almost 3 years without any action from Spotify, and it just looks like a cheap way of directing unhappiness from users and pretending to offer a solution. So we would appreciate if you either offer a solution (which is probably quite easy from a programming standpoint) or just offer an explanation as to why you do not want to implement this. 


Agree, having the exact same issue, probably the 400th person to have it, but spotify doesn't **bleep**, just vote, it's fine guys just vote to show them how many people care, despite the amount of comments already showing that and it doesn't change anything

I Agree with Zovati. There should be an option to be able to customize your home screen. I have been having the same problem myself, i keep getting "**bleep** Hypnotism", "Sensual ASMR" etc. on my home screen. it is so embarrassing, especially when you are travelling with your family in the car, and the next best thing you know is those ridiculous semi nude pics popping on the car play. Please, this is very disgusting. Kindly help me get rid of this. I dont listen to any of this shi*. and its been months since this **bleep** is there on my home screen. feels like you have entered some po*n website.

Adding my voice to this complaint as well. I listened to a couple of episodes of a particular podcast to see if I liked it. Doesn't seem to matter that I am subscribed and regularly listening to a number of other Podcasts, this one that I only sampled continues to come up prominently under "My Shows". And since that is the splash page for Spotify, now I have to be guarded about opening the app around my kids since the subject matter is not appropriate to them.


All I want to do is to be able to choose an option to remove this ONE SHOW from "My Shows" and I'm frankly shocked that no one on your dev team ever thought of this need, especially since "My Shows" implies that each show listed is something that you've sought out or are regular consumer of. It should not be propagated by algorithm. If the goal is to promote something the algorithm is convinced to be of interest, then perhaps rename the section "Suggested Shows". Either way, something clearly needs to be done here. How many users have to complain before Spotify cares?

Listen to this programer.  Better yet, give him/her repo access.

If you think having "ASMR with Amouranth" show up in your suggestions is embarrassing, here's something to comfort you:  the show which is haunting me is "The Sh*tshow" by Shagmag. Whenever someone from my family opens-up Spotify on our *64 INCHES TV* that thumbnail shows up in all it's glory...

Come on Spotify. You can do better than this.

I find it pretty unacceptable that Spotify doesn't give users the ability to remove offensive content. In fact it's disturbing that there isn't some parental or content control in the app. It seems the only option I have is to stop using the service. I see these unwanted podcasts in all players.

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