Can't reply to forum posts


Can't reply to forum posts

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Why am I not seeing a reply button anywhere? I'm hoping to post a solution I've found to this problem...


Is the forum broken, or is it my account, or what?

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Casual Listener

There is no reply button for me either. It's highly possible that the post you've linked has been archived and is no longer accepting new replies.

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Thanks for confirming that it's not just me! What a shame they're locking threads like that. This one was the top google result when searching about the issue, and now it can never be a useful one.


Yeah, they're locking threads alright. Especially when it is a thread highly critical of their services. The mods will post a highly innefective 'solution' answer and close the thread as 'solved'. 


Getting pretty sick of paying for a so called premium service that operates like this. 


Seriously?! I mean, not making the improvements they ought to make is bad enough. Censoring the forum is just plain stupid.