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Can't save albums/new songs to my library

Can't save albums/new songs to my library

This is a bug that me and 3 of my other friends are facing as well. It's just like how apple music's "play next" queue randomly disappears (took them half a year to fix dont be like them). A lot of people are recently discovering this but dont want to go through the effort of tech support. PLEASE FIX.

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Such a big flaw! Adding music and podcast to my library is the way I save for later, the closet thing i have to apple's "recently added" feature. Been gone for about a month now and its severely hurt my experience with spotify.

Hey @Jacksjoker11 - help's here!

Since your issue concerns the web player, we've moved your post to the right help board.


Do you mind trying to open the web player in an incognito window or a different browser to see if you can save music to Your Library on the web player?


If that doesn't work, do you mind giving us a bit more info about your issue:

  • Can you reproduce this issue when logged into a different account?
  • Does this only happen when trying to save a song to your Liked Songs?
  • Does clicking on the three dots next to a song (vs right-clicking) and saving change anything?

Thanks - keep us posted!

1)  So i created a whole new account on my phone (Android S10 G973USQS2CSL1) and the problem is STILL persistent. See attached picture.

2) No, I also cannot save to my songs or albums. (I can like)

3) No, the option isnt existing anywhere. It might appear every 2 weeks for 3 days or so. Then back to never being an option.


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