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Can't see some Spotify public playlists with my account

Can't see some Spotify public playlists with my account

Plan: Premium/Familiar

Country: Chile

Device: Laptop

Operating System: Ubuntu 18.10


Sometime ago I was following a public playlist that suddenly disappeared from my follows. I started to search by it's name but couldn't find the official one (it was a Spotify public playlist).

Today searching on google I finally found it:

But when I search on web or desktop client (with my account logged in) I just can't find it over the results. Is there some country filtering here or maybe some misconfiguration on my account? 😞



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Hey @sopaipaconpebre.


Thanks for getting in touch!


Could you try copying the link and pasting it into the search bar of the desktop app? This should show the playlist from where you can hit the Follow button to follow the playlist.


There is many playlists on Spotify so searching in the app won't show all possible results. only the results we think are most relevant to you.


Hope this will work. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

It shows a loading spinner forever. I accessed through web and started to follow the playlist, but it doesn't load on desktop (loading spinner again).

I'm technically following the playlist but can't access from desktop, if I access from web client I can see all the songs but can't reproduce any, when I press play it says "Esta canción no está disponible" (not available).

I was looking at playlist's author and it says "Spotify Mexico", could that be the problem since I'm from Chile? (country filtering?)


Hey @sopaipaconpebre,


It may be a regional issue, but the playlist as a whole should be accessible if you recently managed to follow it. 


Try reinstalling the app, and using your Web Player in an incognito window.


If that doesn't work, un-follow the playlist and follow it again through the link you found. 


If that doesn't work either, please get back to us with a screenshot of the app loading, and the Web Player when you're trying to play songs form the playlist. 


All the best!


Unfollowed and followed again. Screenshot when trying to listen a song from playlist.


Captura de pantalla de 2018-12-19 00-23-44.png

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