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Can't set up a new password so I can setup Sonos

Can't set up a new password so I can setup Sonos

I am trying to set up Spotify on my Sonos. Which means I have to login with my username and password (instead of my Facebook account). I was never given an option to create a spotify password that goes with my username. So the only thing I can try with my given username (1226878530) is my Facebook password. And on my Sonos and on spotify- it will not let me login with my Sonos id and Facebook password- as it says incorrect password. So I've tried changing my Facebook password and logging out of spotify and password and then trying to login with my Sonos id and the new Facebook password and that still won't work. So I've tried to use the spotify link to say that I forgot my username/password so that I can reset (or actually, set the Sonos password for the first time since I was never given the option in the first place) my password and when I enter in my Sonos Id or email to try to use that link- it keeps saying it looks like I have a Facebook account and to change my password through Facebook. Which I've done and it's STILL not working. PLEASE tell me what password goes with my given user Id (1226878530) and/or how I can use the link to reset it myself without it trying to reroute me to Facebook. It's very important that I can set up Spotify on my Sonos and if this won't work- then I will be canceling my premium subscription. So please help me with this ASAP. Thank you.
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You need to create a device password - see the thread that's stickied at the top of this forum:
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