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Can't sign into Spotify on Samsung Gear S3

Can't sign into Spotify on Samsung Gear S3

I'm having trouble signing into my Spotify account on my Gear S3 when selecting the "Stream on WiFi" option.  I enter in my Facebook login details but it says that I require Premium to login on the watch, yet I have premium already and I'm logged in on said account on my Android phone and I'm able to use all the premium features on it.

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I have a similar issue.


I am a premium member for Spotify, but when I try login with facebook details on my Gear S3 sports, the Gear Sports S3 cannot identify my Facebook credentials.


The watch works fine when connected via Bluetooth on my mobile.

This is happening to me as well. I had to re-set my watch and sync it to a new phone and ever since then, I cannot login to Spotify! Which sucks cause I used to leave my phone at home when I am running. Now I can't because I need to be logged in to stream music from my watch!

I also have the same issue and the app says my username and password are incorrect. the remote function works properly. please fix the bug, because I´m using my watch very often and most of the time I´m offline and now I cannot use the app.

Hey you all,


I got the same problem, here is the solution: 


Account>Set device password> send email to set password.


You get into your account through spotify online, on your browser. 


It's important to remember both passwrod&username, because you need them both to get into your account on your gear. 


Frankly, that's the only way I know to log in into your spotify account on gear. 

Hope you find it helpful. 

Note: I've got a lot of bugs on the Gear s3 software, as I have posted here

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