Can't switch songs around within a playlist

Can't switch songs around within a playlist




Just curious if anyone else is having this issue ~ I can create/edit new playlists, but I'm not able anymore for some reason to change the order of the songs within a playlist.  I could yesterday ~ but it seems I can't anymore.


Does anyone know how to resolve this by chance?




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Is this on the desktop client or some other platform?

iddbee, I found your post by searching before posting the same question.  I recently found Spotify and am in love with the program, but there are some things to figure workarounds or just get used to. It's a little disappointing to see two weeks have gone by without an answer to your question.


I guess if the playlist is short enough we could start a new playlist2 and then add to it from playlist1 in the order we want. OK for up to a few dozen but would hate to do it that way several hundred.


By the way, I'm running on Windows7 which I assume was the question jwylot asked.

You should be able to drag and drop to move tracks around playlists providing your playlist is not already being sorted by one of the column headings.

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OK, I'm fixed. Thanks Peter. Good luck and happy listening iddybee.

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