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Can't use Facebook login buttons


Can't use Facebook login buttons

My desktop Spotify app works great, but I can't use the web player or any other aspect of Spotify's web presence, because the login buttons--the big blue ones that say "Log in with Facebook"--are broken for me. The ellipsis at the end of the sentence shows up when I click the button, and starts cycling, indicating that something is trying to happen, but nothing ever does; no error message, no popup, no redirect, no nothing. It just blinks forever, and I can't get in. I turned off Adblock and similar extensions, but it didn't help. I logged into an alternate account to post this, one not linked to a Facebook account, since I can't get into Spotify web support either. (which, requiring an account to mention problems with logging into your account seems counterproductive.)


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I discovered what is going on with this extremely annoying error:
This is entirely due to Firefox adding an option (under Tools > Options > Privacy) in Firefox version 42.0 and higher to "Use Tracking Protection in Private Windows".  With this option checkmarked, ALL Firefox windows/tabs prevent the Facebook login popup.  With this option unchecked, Firefox opens the "Login with Facebook" window properly every time.
Spotify needs to pass this around to all of your support people because NONE of them know this solution.
Everyone else that this helps: You're welcome.

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do you have Ad Blocker enabled? it's possible that's why nothing is happening, or if you are under a Firewall or connecting through a VPN

like i said in the OP, I already tried shutting Adblocker off; no dice. I'm not in a VPN, and afaik my firewall settings aren't anything unusual; what exactly would a firewall do to break a log-in page, so I can check my settings?

what browser are you using?

it happens in both chrome and firefox

Hi Skaramuche - The account linked to this account just has a Spotify username--it's not linked to Facebook. 


Please try entering your Spotify username and password, then click the green Login button. 

please reread the OP. I'm using this account because it's not linked to a facebook--it's not my account. I can't get into the support forum with my account because i can't log into it because it is linked to a facebook.

Are you able to successfully sign into Facebook? Do you have any extra security log in settings on Facebook?



Maybe you also have a Facebook page besides your personal account and have changed the setting there to use Facebook as the page admin? This happened to me yesterday by chance, as I had edited something on my Facebook band page and was trying to log in here without changing back to my Facebook user profile first. The Spotify login screen will not give an error message in this case, it just keeps on showing the spinning wheel.

I am having a similar issue.  I cannot log in to the web player.  I click the Log In With Facebook button and nothing happens.  I am using Chrome and turned off my ScriptSafe.  As far as I know, I do not have any special rules set up on FB.  Not that it should really matter.  Somehow it is recognizing my account enough to post here, so I am confused.

I had this issue (or at least a very similar one).  It turned out to be Avast!'s anti-virus.  It includes a plugin that disables third-party and social network tracking.  I disabled it (via FireFox's plugins page) and was able to log in successfully with the Facebook button.  If you don't have Avast!, you may want to see if your anti-virus has something similar.

The above solution worked for me. darn you Avast ! ^^^^ Thank you so much !!

Strange I have avast as well and I disabled the firefox plugin within the browsers addons section and that did not fixed my login issues with spotify using facebook ID. There is a bigger issue going on with regards to facebook ID login with spotify. I can get into my account now only via the desktop app by going to the account tab of the app and then launching my browsers that way and it shows me then logged into spotify and it is now the only way to get into the community pages as well, as loggin with facebook is not working. I am able to log into facebook directly but then the webplayer and community pages says my account does not exist.

Last tweet from @SpotifyStatus>>

We are investigating some issues with the service. If you’re experiencing them, we’re really sorry and trying to find out more ASAP....

20:57 57 - 31 Jan 2014

Well looks like the techs fixed the issue, I am now able to login to the weplayer using facebook ID.

Yep 🙂

Disabling your antivirus plugin seems to do the trick. Normally isn't a problem on most sites, however, I believe it is just a problem of how Spotify uses the facebook login system witha pop-up rather than in-browser log in. So in general, disable your antivirus for and you should be good to go.

 I have the same problem and have no solution...tried absolutely everything!...Smiley Sad i want my music back!!!

oh fixed it!!! sorry

This was a whole back, but I remember that I had to momentarily turn of my
add blocker do the pop-up could appear properly. I hope that helps.

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