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Cancel Joe Rogan for covid dis-information or I will cancel my spotify membership.

Cancel Joe Rogan for covid dis-information or I will cancel my spotify membership.

Cancel joe rogan for dis-information about covid or i will boycott spotify and tell everyone i know to do the same.


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The only way to discern misinformation is to evaluate and research it yourself. Information released by the CDC this month would have been banned from YouTube or Twitter just a year ago. 

Anyone who demands to control the information you can consume is more dangerous to society than any covid super-spreader. Their actions indicate a willingness to believe information because it comes from an authority figure rather than on the merits of the facts contained therein.


Spotify did the right thing when they dumped Alex Jones, time to do the same with Joe Rogan.  We've had a family subscription for years, but I won't hesitate to cancel and switch to Apple Music, and I will tell everyone I know who subscribes to Spotify to do the same. I don't want to pay to support a platform for disinformation, misogyny and outright lies.

I have cancelled my membership and it will

stay cancelled while Spotify profits from people who spread lies that can kill people.

Just cancel it, they won't do anything based on users' threats. Surround yourself by what makes you sleep better at night.

I'm still with Spotify because they keep Joe Rogan on as well as Neil Young. I don't want censorship!

If I don't like something I'm able to skip or ignore it. As soon as Spotify starts to remove too much, I'll leave!

It's not censorship for a private company to decide that they don't want to support speech that can result in people dying. Free speech is something guaranteed by our constitution. It prohibits GOVERNMENT from stifling speech even if we disagree with it. Private companies are free to exercise their own discretion about whom they wish to permit to use their platform to broadcast their beliefs.

Spotify may be in it's right to censor information, it is still censorship. People making their decisions based on some podcast will die rather sooner than later anyway, no need to try to be a hero by wiping information from the Internet. Don't forget, officially people die from vaccinations. Ultimately it comes down to someones own judgment; risk vs risk.

My choice is free speech, which includes **bleep** that I don't agree with.

In this case: I like Joe Rogan's approach and also Neil Young's music. By keeping both, Spotify will keep me on their platform as well.

what a cuck.  turns out the misinformation was from the government.

covid is from a lab

fauci helped fund it

the vaccine isn't a vaccine


imagine being petulant enough to equate Joe Rogan to Alex Jones

then imagine loving a vaccine thats not a vaccine

then suppressing conversation around that

with petulant threats


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