Cannot connect to Sonos from one account of premium family plan


Cannot connect to Sonos from one account of premium family plan

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I have a premium family plan with two members/accounts. For one account I am able to connect and play on my Sonos Play 1. However, with the other account (my wife's) I am unable to do so. I have tried two different Android devices (our phones), one running Android 7 and the other is Android 10. And the same problem happens on both. For both accounts, the Sonos is shown in the Spotify app's available devices list. But on selecting the Sonos from my wife's account, it stays "Connecting..." and never actually connects.

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Similar here. 

It's not Sonos but similar device (Numan).

Family Plan here too. Admin has no problem in connecting with device. But I can only connect when being lucky from time to time. It sometimes works with special songs or albums and others not. Found out that when putting a song that doesn't work in queue after a song that works, the 1st one will be played without problems . But that's not a solution . So to say, since several weeks now and since being in family plan, I cannot use my Spotify like I want to.  


We're using both Android mobile phones to connect . When logging in on admins device I've got same problems and when he's logging in on mine it works without problems . 


Only solution seems to be quitting family plan again ... but doesn't feel satisfying at all. 

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Thats interesting, that it works sometimes for you.

It only worked a couple of times for me after a fresh setup of the Sonos. Since then, no luck.

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