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Cannot connect to Spotify from Savant app

Cannot connect to Spotify from Savant app

I use an app called Savant to manage our music, DirecTV and AppleTV. Unfortnately, I can connect to Sirius via the Savant music app, but cannot connect to Spotify via Savant. Anyone else have this problem?

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We just installed Savant at our house and are having the same problem.  I enter my user name and password, it has the little circle processing logo, and then it goes back to the logon prompt.  Have verfied that password and username are correct. 


We are able to get Tidal, etc.  So wondering if Spotify app is out of sync or something.

I'm also having stability issues with savant + Spotify. Initial login hangs, server hangs during controlling the session, etc. reboots solve the problem, but I think this is more of a savant integration issue as other music services work well.

I also have a problem connecting to Spotify from my Savant application.  Any suggestions?

We worked on this for an eternity with our contractor. Ultimately we needed to use our Sonos that is hooked up to Savant, to run Spotify. Definitely more clunky from a user perspective but at least it works.

How did you get to use spotify through the sonos app on Savant? I'm trying to find a way but am not managing. Thanks in advance!

In our setup, we have a selection called "Audio" (the same way we have
"Lights", "TiVo", etc). Audio simply switches Savant over to an external
input, and then we go to the Sonos app to manage Sonos directly.

It's less integrated than having the savant music button, but we haven't had
any problems streaming spotify since. When we used the savant app to stream
spotify, we got stutters & hangs every day.

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