Cannot login maybe you have changed or misspelled your password

Cannot login maybe you have changed or misspelled your password


Please help! This is not my original spotify account I had to make a new one just to post! I have my original account hooked up through Facebook and now when I try to login i get an error message that says "cannot log in. Maybe you have changed or misspelled you password?" And since it is hooked up through my Facebook I haven't changed it! I have has spotify for over 2 years and this is the only problem I have ever had and now I cannot access my music!! Please help! My original email through Facebook is [Snip-Email(Privacy)-Peter]. Please help?!?

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Try launching Spotify from inside Facebook. 

Go to Facebook, then "Music" on the left hand side and click any Spotify link, the client should launch with you already logged in. 



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I had tried that before and still get the same message! Please help 😞


Hey Kaylen,

I've taken a look at your two accounts and this isn't something we'll be able to get sorted out via Community. Get in touch here and one of our payments team will get back to you as soon as they can. If you get an automated response, reply back to it directly.


Make sure you include the email address of your original account in your message so our team knows what account they're dealing with.


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