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Cannot pause media, keys do not respond.

Cannot pause media, keys do not respond.







Galaxy S10e

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Android 12


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Posting this because the other post about it is 4 years old and has zero replies.  Sometimes I'm unable to pause my media.  The media keys either aren't there or if they are, do not respond when pushed.  On my lock screen, it will either just not register that Spotify is playing or it will be frozen on one song or podcast, even if other content is currently playing.  It also will continue play in the background when I open Snapchats, Youtube videos, Instagram reels, or WhatsApp voice memos which is weird because typically your Spotify will pause when media from another platform is using the speaker.  I did a debug from the community for random pausing yesterday, and now I have the opposite problem.


I'm not sure if this next thing is related, and plan to look into it via the company that makes my headphones, but I'll throw it in there in case anyone has experienced it.  I have a pair of Hspro V8 bluetooth headphones and whenever you turn them on it has a nice lady that says "power on."  Today, she was getting stuck in a bit of a loop.  I will be in the middle of a podcast that I've been listening to with my headphones the entire time and suddenly get a "power on," phone disconnects and starts playing from itself, another "power on," and that cycle continued with various lengths thorough out the whole day today.  I've had the media key and unable to pause issue in the past, but it has basically lasted the entire afternoon along the same timeline as my headphones acting up.

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Hey, how's it going? My app already had this same problem, but I was able to solve it with a reinstall and now it's working normally.

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