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Cannot play music on Pioneer N-50AE

Cannot play music on Pioneer N-50AE

Plan: Premium

Country: Poland

Device: Pioneer N-50AE

Operating System: Windows 10/Android


I use Spotify Player on PC and my phone and plays music on my Pioneer N-50AE network player via local network. A few days ago everything worked well but today I cannot play music on my Pioneer N-50AE. Spotify player correctly shows all other devices in my local network (phone, TV, etc.), but not shows the Pioneer N-50AE. The firmware of network player is up to date and WiFi configuration is ok. I tryed to restart router and network player but nothing changed.


Any suggestions?

1 Reply

Hey @Nyke, help's here. 


If you've made sure that the firmware of your player is up-to-date, and restarted the router and the player, there are a few more thing you can try:

  • Reinstall the Spotify app with these steps
  • Try connecting to the player from different devices. Does that change anything?
  • Shut down your player, unplug it, and plug it back in. 
  • If possible, try connecting your devices to a different network.
  • Have a friend connect their device to your player.

Let us know the results and we'll see what we can do!


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