Cannot press space

Cannot press space

I can't use the spacebar when searching for a song in Spotify. It just pauses whatever song is playing (and doesn't work when no song is being played).


It's impossible for me to search for songs with more than one word. This is core functionality being completely broken, in my estimation.


This is similar to issues reported with the desktop version, but I'm using the Spotify Web Player. And this just happened to me; it's been working perfectly before.












Operating System

Windows 10 64-bit




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Hey @homlemo.


Thanks for getting in touch!


We had a small issue where the space bar wasn't working how it's supposed to. It should be fixed now! Could you try it and let us know what the result is? If it doesn't, try a different web-browser and let us know if the same thing happens.


Alright, have a nice day!

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