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Cant download full playlist on Gear fit 2 pro

Cant download full playlist on Gear fit 2 pro

On my new Samsung gear fit 2 pro, I have downloaded and logged in to spotify, and am trying to download a playlist to listen offline. It kind of works, but will only successfully download 19 of the 47 songs that are in the playlist. At first, the remaining songs weren't even visible on the watch app, but after re-installing the app and trying again I can see more of the songs, (not all, though). However, now those songs show the grey cloud with x symbol that they aren't downloaded. There doesn't seem to be an option to try and download the failed ones.






Samsung gear fit 2 pro, paired with Samsung Galaxy s7.

Operating System

Android 8.0


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I have the same issue. Was there any resolution.


I have the songs downloaded on my iPhone but random songs have the grey cloud symbol next to them on the watch. 

Not really, I unchecked download then checked it again and some more songs
downloaded. Still don't have the full playlist but better than before. No
response at all from spotify.

Same issue here. Can't determine though which songs work and which don't.


Spotify getting more and more annoying and a big disappointment. There seems to be not even a support or an option to file a bug.


Hey @Teedub, @Steve1965 and @spotify6846,


Thanks for reaching out to us. Don't worry. Help is here 🙂


Can you try setting the phone to airplane mode? Then you can give these steps a go and try downloading the songs.


If this doesn't help, we'd suggest to reinstall the app on both devices. You can also re-pair the watch with Bluetooth.


Let us know how it goes. If you have more questions, we are here for you.



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