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Cant find my Playlist

Cant find my Playlist






(Macbook Pro late 2016)

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(iOS 10)


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Hello, I have created a playlist and according to my knowledge, all settings correctly entered. The privacy - settings I have made. However, nobody else can find the playlist through the search. It is only about the direct link. Does anyone have any idea what it can be?

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Dear q-736es_dp88,


Right-click on the playlist and check if the option "Make Public" is available. I suspect that the playlist is set on "Private" or "Secret".

I did all these settings 😞 that’s why I don’t understand what’s the reason that nobody can’t find the playlist. Only with the direct link or other links via instagram etc. !

Have someone a other idea what the problem is? Take the algorithm time? Is it about a amount of follower?

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