Cap on artists you can follow?


Cap on artists you can follow?

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I'm currently at, and have been at, 1872 artists followed but that number remains the same no matter how many more I follow. Is there a limit??






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Hey @Smeishmortion,


Thank you for reaching out about this here in the Community.


If the number of artists you follow won't increase despite your attempts, this might depend on the fact that you already reached the 10,000 items limit for 'Your Library'.


To clarify, the type of items you can include in 'Your Library' will consist of, for example: Liked songs, Liked albums, Followed artists.


In order to avoid being prevented from adding any of these to 'Your Library', it'd be helpful to keep in mind that the limit can be reached across the sum of all these items.


For example, you can have 9,999 songs Liked and, in this way, you'll only be able to Like one more album or follow one more artist before the limit is reached. 


Hope you'll find this helpful. Feel free to reach out anytime if there's anything else we can help with!

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OK, so answer this for me:


If I follow Mac Miller and saved 9 albums, not songs


Does that mean I'm contributing 9 items or 136 items (since there are 136 songs between all 9 albums) to my 10,000 item limit?


On top of that, if I follow Mac Miller, does that make it just 10 items?


Or is that now 9 albums + 136 songs + 1 artist = 146 items contributing to my 10,000 limit?


Remember, I'm not adding anything to my favorite songs. 


Idk why y'all don't just listen to what everyone is asking for: increase the cap. 

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This whole limit on following artists is incredibly annoying, and a massive reason to consider abandoning spotify for another service.....the explanation of "only a few users will hit the limit" is patronising and arrogant imo.

Yeah, this is **bleep**ing stupid. only a few users will hit a cumulative total of 9,999 "Liked songs, Liked albums, Followed artists"?? That's ridiculous.

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Can anyone offer an alternative to Spotify?

It should not matter how many users reach some arbitrary number, in this case 10,000.

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This is a joke. There shouldn't be a limit on any of this, if I want 20k tracks and to follow hundreds if not thousands of artists I should be able to. 


Recently I've noticed artists I'm sure I had been following were not followed. Is Spotify unfollowing artists for me as I follow new artists? Without notification or warning?!


I follow artists as a way of keeping up with their latest releases, the older follows are especially important as they are often the most sporadic to release new material.


All limits must be removed. We want the ability to use DJ apps, we want control and clarity, we came here for music, to explore it, to share it. And in the digital age we rightly expected this to to be unlimited, anywhere, anytime. We didn't come for podcasts or gifs on our mobile screens. Get your house in order Spotify