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Censoring album covers

Censoring album covers

I was recommended the album Mantando Gueros by the band Brujeria by the discover function. Ok music (although I have no clue about what they are singing about). However, the album cover is a photo of a decapitated head... Which (if Wikipedia is correct) is from some IRL gang murder in Mexico. Although I am not the most squeamish of persons, showing pictures of murder victims is kinda unacceptable to me. Is there any way to report/filter weirdo stuff like that, so that people at least can choose if they want it in their face or not?

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If it was on discover, do you have thumbs up/down buttons on recommendations?

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Spotify don't/won't censor content by the way.

Nopes, not that I can find. Thus, every time I have seen the discover page today, I am greeted with someones half dessicated face. Not very pleasant.

Jwylot: I am not suggesting that Spotify remove the band/album from the service, I am suggesting that there should be some way to signal that the album art is explicit (or sick, in my opinion), and provide a way of filtering away that stuff. There are already a warning system for explicit tracks, and I cannot see why such a system couldnt include album covers also.

Perhaps it's not about "censoring" the album cover (as they have the right to do what they want).  It's about customizing the playlist, or album view, what-have-you.  That's what I'm in favor of.  Gordoman should be able to change the picture to anything he/she would like.  I would like the same thing.  When you get right down to it, Spotify is not the ones producing the content he doesn't like.  The issue is with the makers of the album, and what they chose for the cover. 


So, even if it wasn't explicit or graphic, it would be nice to be able to change the album cover image.  Many other music players let you do this.  It's about customizing our library. 

This idea to be able to permanently remove items from Discover may be what you are looking for?

This was clearly wrong.

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