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Certain Songs Won't Play through Google Home

Certain Songs Won't Play through Google Home

I have found that a few artists or specific songs from certain artists won't play through Google Home. I have a punk playlist that includes Lonesome and Cailin from Unwritten Law. I'll set the playlist to play through Google Home but once it reaches those two tracks, it will only play out of the phone speakers, not google home. Same deal with playing Naked Heart's Confide in Me. Works fine playing through the phone, but try to play it on Google Home and it stops. Any ideas?

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What happens when those track are up, are they skipped on Google Home?



I'm not OP but seem to be having a similar issue. When the songs are played over Google Home, they will come out of the laptop speakers. If they are in a playlist, they will be skipped but if I specifically ask for the song, it plays fine. Seems very bizzare.

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