Change my artist page banner?

Change my artist page banner?


How can I change the banner of my artist page? My artist profile is at — I signed up using the "Spotify VIP account signup" form. Now the banner is the default, but I see artists using something different, for example Foster the People (

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I would suggest getting in touch with artist services and see what they say:

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So far this is almost impossible, and the reference to use Rovi to update page banners is a laugh, seriously, go try and figure that one out. I have a team of tech and admin people working to solve this issue for our indie label, and I only took the time to write this in hopes that someone at Spotify might spend 15 minutes (I don't think that is sarcastic at all) creating a clear path for Artist/Label management to update our Profile pages. I bet they have made enough money recently to afford to make this more straightforward. Anyone else?

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