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Chip Taylor

Chip Taylor

Chip Taylor is perhaps a little long in the tooth, but then so am I.  He's got some good tracks on Spotify but none of his younger ones from around the 60's or 70's, not sure of his roots; however I have an LP in storgae called 'San Sebastian' and a track on the LP called 'Ride On'.

If Spotify could put that and earleir tracks of his on the line then I am sure many listeners would find a new favourite.

Thank you.


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hello !!


Thank you! ! I had forgotten this good version of wild thing

Any content that is missing is normally down to the record label or rights holders with holding those tracks from Spotify, sometimes to push up physical and download sales. Spotify really have very little control over what content is made available by the owners. 

Have a read at the Music FAQ topic for a little more information on how music is added to Spotify and a request form.

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