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Chrome OS Flash issue

Chrome OS Flash issue

Hey, I seem to be having problems with the web version of Spotify. Whenever I open it, it says that I don't have Adobe Flash installed and I need to install it. When I click on the link it says something about how my chormebook always has the latest version of flash. It makes no sense. Anything I can do?


Also I thought Spotify web player was a html5 program. Are there any plans to upgrade Spotify to that anytime soon?

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Have you tried to install flash the old fashion way (adobe website)? Even though you shouldn't have to, sometimes installing and unstalling a program fixes the issue. 

I'm getting the same issue too now on the Spotify Web Player, and that's ever since i upgraded Chrome browser version to latest 53.0.2785.143 m on Windows 7. Prior to updating the browser version it was working fine.

I re-installed flash, and restarted Chrome, but to no avail.

I attach a screenshot of the Adobe Flash popup that is displayed on the Spotify Web Player on Chrome.

However, the Spotify Web Player does work on Firefox (version 45.4.0 of Enterprise version).

PS: I also assumed this player is developed in HTML5, and not implemented using the security vulnerable, memory intensive Adobe Flash..


- Chrome settings

- show advanced settings

- privacy-content settings

- plugins-manage exceptions

- enter new exception :

- done

- close and restart chrome

I have this issue too. Extremely unreliable not to use html5. Suddenly I have no access to a service I'm paying for. 


Can you go back one chrome os version to make this work again? 

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