[Chrome] Web Player Won't Play

[Chrome] Web Player Won't Play


When logged into Chrome (latest version) Web Player on Windows 10 songs and play lists refuse to play.


Got annoyed and downloaded desktop native app. Web player and native app appeared to sync. By sync I mean web player showed the song I was playing on desktop was playing in the browser. Looks like the web player wants to interact with desktop app before it will play content online. 


TL;DR web player works after launching desktop app. 


Also added random tags bc the tag thing is buggy as **bleep**

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Hey @brentschiffman! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


Are you still experiencing this problem?

If yes, try to clear your browser cache/cookies or using the incognito mode of your Google Chrome to see if that makes any difference. ^^


The web player should play without opening the native app. 



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