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Chrome-casting spotify makes it frantically play/pause

Chrome-casting spotify makes it frantically play/pause

I have been using Spotify premium for chrome-cast for years. The past months it's I have not be able to do that except very briefly. All other casting to the chromecast works well.


The music is being played/paused several times each second, or at least it looks like it is what its doing. Making it sounds horrible and impossible to change song or even stop the music in any normal manner. It looks the same on all connected devices but only happens if Spotify being chrome-cast.


The chromecast is now the only way I can listen to music outside my headphones so it really is a pain in my... ears.

2 Replies

I have exactly the same problems when using my chromecast to play music from Spotify. Usually the first song is fine, but then the second one starts to pause/play several times per second. I can only solve it by unplugging my Chromecast...

It very recently came up for me, like yesterday.

Exactly! One or a few songs might work then this sh*t starts. The only way to stop it is by unplugging or start casting from somewhere.

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