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Chromecast Audio interrupting music play

Chromecast Audio interrupting music play

A really annoying bug, or whatever you call it. When I play music through Spotify iOS Client and choose to play via my Chromecast Audio, the music starts playing normally and after 3-4 minutes it interrupts the playback for about 20-50 seconds and starts right where it has stopped.


Already tried:

  1. Getting the Chromecast Audio replaced to make sure it's no hardware problem
  2. Updating Spotify for iOS / Re-installing it
  3. Upgrading Chromecast Audio firmware
  4. Reset Chromecast Audio to factory settings
  5. Trying playback on Google Play Music (which works perfectly)

As I do not want to switch to Google Play Music, it would be great if you could check the problem, it's really annoying.


Anyone facing the same problem?

2 Replies

I have the same problem. Playback randomly stops (the sound), but in the app(s) [Google Home and Spotify] it says it is still playing. Seeking in the song usually helps, but sometimes it's three times in a song. This problem doesn't occur with TuneIn Radio, from the same iPhone, to the same Chromecast Audio, in the same network. Tried different networks, resetting the Chromecast, rebooting. Very frustating.

Yup, randomly music stops though both spotify and google home app says the unit is casting spotify. Sometimes it helps switching the music to the phone and then back, sometimes not. Usually need to close both spotify and google home, restart cromecast and then cast again.

Spotify needs urgently to sort this out, otherwise it's bye-bye spotify...

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