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Chromecast Audio won't connect


Chromecast Audio won't connect



I'm using an android phone (Nexus 5x, stock rom) to control Spotify playback on my Chromecast Audio.

From time to time the connection was "shaky", meaning that skip track, volume control etc. did not work for a moment, then it worked again.

Also sometimes it took very long for the Spotify app on the android device to connect to the Chromecast Audio.


Now it has reached a state where it cannot connect at all. I go to the devices menu in the Spotify app, the chromecast audio shows up, I select it, then it tries to connect for a long time but runs into a timeout.


Note that 1) other streaming apps on the same phone (e.g. work with the chromecast audio without issues, and 2) the spotify app on the same phone can connect and stream to another spotify connect device (Yamaha R-N602) IMMEDIATELY without any issues.


The Chromecast Audio is on the same network as the phone and has good reception (-52 dBm).

Chromecast Audio version is 1.22.78337

Spotify version on phone is armV7


Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Same here. Works again. Strange issue, Spotify - please never repeat it 😜

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I'm having the same issue and hope it gets fixed soon

Recien compro dos chromecast audio y no logro que reproduzca spotify en ninguno ni como grupo! por favor solucionen el problema! gracias!

Same issue for me it just started about an hour ago. I cant connect to any of my Chromecast devices but I can connect to my Google Home device.

Same issue here, cannot connect to my Chromecast Audio nor my Chromecast Video. Other apps can connect and play audio and/or video. Tried both my Android devices, rebooted router and Chromecast, cleared app caches and even reinstalled apps on both devices,to no avail. Please fix this ASAP. 

General Mobile GM5 plus
Stock Android 7.1.1
Samsung Galaxy Tab s2 9.7
Stock Android 6.0.1

Same issue here. Started a couple hours ago. I have rebooted router and chromecast and have restarted my phone multiple times.


Google Pixel

Android 7.1.1

Chromecast Firmware 1.22.78337

Spotify armV7




Same issue here, please fix it!


Spotify app armV7

Chromecast audio firmware 1.22.78337

I have the same problem...

Same problem here. All devices, all chromecasts, all users on the family account. Started 2-3 h ago

Same here. Google Music, Tune In work flawlessly with my Chromecast Audio. Spotify can't connect.

I've had the same problem since Sunday

same for me :

Chromecast 1.22.78337

Spotify 7.7 (IOS)

Working now for me! Many thanks!

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Same here. Works again. Strange issue, Spotify - please never repeat it 😜

Same here! No connection after update spotify

I have the exact same problem. Can someone please fix this soon? It seems like this is a problem for many users.

Hi, i was having the same issue today trying to chromecast to our Bang & Olufsen TV and im hoping my solution can help others on here struggling to get their Chromecast working. 


Now, i assume that you already have google home installed on whichever device you used to setup your Chromecast. I dont believe it has to be on a certain device just as long as you have the app. If it IS NOT working currently and you already have google home installed then please follow these steps closely:


1. Make sure you uninstall the Google Home app, for me this is what was causing all the problems.

2. Reinstall the app 

3. Open the app and wait for it to find your chromecast. MAKE SURE you are on the same wifi connection as your chromecast. 

4. This should have fixed the issue, just close the Google Home app and re - launch Spotify. 

5. Try chromecasting your music again by playing a song -> sellect devices -> chromecast. 


With any luck its now working again! I hope this helped and it would be awesome if you could like this post if it worked for you. ✌


I have the same problem since this morning. Nothing you suggested helped...

Another app doesn't have tha problem...

Please fix it

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