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[Chromecast] Specific artist won't cast from library

[Chromecast] Specific artist won't cast from library






Samsung Galaxy S6

Operating System

Android 7.0

My Question or Issue

Since a month or so, using Chromecast with Spotify doesn't work when I try to play specific artists (e.g. Elle King, Dave Hause). If I'm already casting, and try to play one of their songs, the casting stops completely. If I'm already playing the song, and try to cast, the Spotify loading screen comes up, but nothing else happens. For other artists, it works without problem, it's only certain artists where this happens.

I played around a bit, and it seems like it only happens if I play from the list of all songs and albums by a given artist in my library. I.e., I navigate to Library -> Artists -> Elle King, and then play any song. If I go to Library->Albums->Love Stuff, and play a song, the same happens. However, if I go to the overall artist or album page (so not in my library), the same songs and artists play without a problem.

I tried clearing my cache first, that didn't help. Then reinstalled the app, didn't help either.

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Thanks for getting in touch!


Could it be that you are trying to stream Local Files? Because it's not possible to stream these songs using Spotify Connect.


If this is not the case, try the following real quick:


  • reboot router
  • try to move the router and chromecast closer to each other to see if that helps

Let us know how that goes. Have a nice day!


These are not local files, just regular streaming. I rebooted the router, but no change. It seems unlikely to me there's a problem with the connection; if so, why would streaming from a different interface work, for the same song?

Since the update in late august there are problems with Chromecast support. There have been a few updates since then, but this problem has not been solved.

When reading Spotify reviews in the Play Store there are more complaints about this. But still no fix.

Is Spotify taking their issues seriously?

Hey there @hslh,


Thanks for keeping in touch!


Just to confirm, have you tried a clean reinstallation of the app with the steps mentioned in this Spotify Answer instead? 


Further, if you're using an SD card on your Samsung device, we'd recommend giving it a try after removing it temporarily to see if that does the trick.


It'd be also helpful if you could let us know if this issue occurs when you're trying to play Artists you're not following/haven't liked. Any screenrecordings of what's happening would be very helpful so we can take a closer look.


@2153bl6slzivig2 Thanks for reaching out here in the Community about this!


It'd be very helpful if you could also give a try on these suggestions and let us know how it goes.


Any additional details on your device (for example, OS version, Spotify version) would be useful as well.


We'll be keeping an eye out for your replies! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to let us know.


Have a lovely day 🙂

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Hi! Thanks for the reply. I did the clean re-install instead of regular re-install, and that did the trick 🙂

Without a reinstallation Chromecast connection worked over the weekend untill this morning. So same trouble again. 

I did a reboot on the router and a clean reinstallation of most recent version of Spotify on android.

There are no problems with other apps using Chromecast connection.

Hi Katerina,

I am experiencing the exact same problem, and the problem is probably also the one described here: as well as several other places on the web including Google Play.

Doing a clean reinstallation fixes the bug, but only for a short while. It comes back. While I am no technical expert, the problem is very likely caused by a recent Spotify update. That is: the problem is probably to be fixed by Spotify and no one else. Could you please get back to me as to when you plan to review your latest updates in order to fix the problem?

While kind language is always important I think it is reasonable to state that as paying customers, one expects things to work as promised.....

Yeah, the problem is back for me as well, the clean re-install only solved it for a day or so. Agree that the problem is on Spotify's end, not the users'.

Same issue as described. Clean reinstall works, but only for a very short while. Workaround is selecting the album / artist instead of playback from the library. But it should be fixed! 


Device S10e with SD

I'm experiencing the same thing. I choose a track from library and choose device to stream to. Does not matter what wifi device I choose. Does not work. It just says connecting and nothing happens. When I search a track and choose to stream, it works. Very strange behavior.

On my Android Pixel 3 running Android 10 I'm experiencing very erratic behavior. I'm running Spotify version


Issue: Can't cast certain songs/albums. Seems like ones that I've downloaded locally on the Pixel 3.


I've tried the following:

  1. Clearing Cache & Storage, then Uninstalling/reinstalling Spotify
  2. Signing in as a different user according to this article (which seems to work, but then I realized it works only for songs that aren't downloaded):
  3. Final Conclusion: I can start casting song that's not downloaded onto my device. That works fine. I then download the song (A), play another song (B), then go back to song A after it's completed downloading and it won't play while casting. 

Seems like users are providing a good amount of feedback on the issue. I hope someone from Spotify Product can replicate and fix this soon.



Issue: specific tracks cannot be cast to certain devices from Spotify app on phone/computer

The problem is more general and has noting to do with software installation issues.

Some tracks, whether downloaded or not, cannot be cast to SOME devices (but not others) for reasons entirely mystical. Other tracks can be cast to same devices and the problem has nothing to do with specific installations of the app as it appears both on (any number of) computers and phones with the same account.
Example: trying to cast podcast
to device CR-N765 from Galaxy S22 Ultra running Android 12 (all software updated to current versions) or from Dell XPS 15 7590 running Windows 10 Pro (all software updated to current versions) CR-N765 is gray and cannot be selected. Changing the track to something else (even to another podcast), everything works fine. I have not yet discovered what distinguishes tracks that can and tracks that cannot be cast to specific device(s) and why.


Hi @tdavid!


Hmm, interesting. Have you tried switching to another network to see if that does the trick? You can, for example, create a mobile hotspot from your phone and connect your laptop to it. You can try disabling DHCP for your receiver/router and changing the DNS to as it may help here.


There's also this thread, where people who have had similar issues with their receivers share workarounds, so feel free to check it out.


Keep us posted on this. Cheers!

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