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Chromecast Ultra and Spotify

Chromecast Ultra and Spotify

Hi all,


I'll just give this a try as i am absolutely fed up with the way Spotify is (not) working with the Chromecast. The playback is being paused almost every song and if Spotify get's in a fit it will do it multiple times during one song. When playback does not stop, it will randomly skip to the next song when it's only halfway into a song. This has been going on for sometime now and i am truly wondering if Spotify wants to address this issue. I pay a monthly fee, and i may expect the service to be working correctly. You won't here me if this happens once in awhile, but now i can hardly use it as intended.




The above does not happen when playing songs on my smartphone or windows 10 laptop, only when casting. This only happens with Spotify, other services(like Youtube or other apps) work perfectly. 


To be sure, i've removed all data and reinstalled the app on my phone. Also put the Chromecast Ultra back to factorysettings. No change whatsoever. My internet connection works fine, no issues when streaming Spotify on my smartphone or laptop. 


Hardware/software used:


Chromecast Ultra


LG Nexus 5X (Android 8.0)

Sony Xperia XZ(my wife's smartphone, Android 7.1.1)

Spotify-version on android: armV7

Spotify-version on Windows 10:


I find it hard to believe i am the only one experiencing this, and since the problemen started there have been various updates, but no solution. If anyone has a fix, please let me know(also an answer from Spotify would be appreciated. 


 With kind regards,




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So....still no answer. I find the lack of support ridiculous.



I also have 2 issues.


1.) At the moment I just can't seek any song streemed to my Chromecast Ultra. It's very very strange.


2.) The iOS app also lost the sync with Chromecast, I have to restart my Chromecast to exit  from Spotify on my TV.


What's going on here dear Spotify guys???



I have a similar problem. Did you find a solution?


Not yet. However I restarted rebooted everything and also exited from Chromecast Preview program a few days ago.
Yesterday it worked well, I don’t really know what happened. Neither the Firmware version on CC didn’t changed, nor Spotify didn’t updated the app.
It’s really unstable, sometimes it works, sometimes not. I also use Plex with CC, I’m just guessing if on of the apps freezes or makes trouble on Chrome Cast, which may has impact to the others.

OK, thanks for the response.

I find my chromecast audio+spotify to be very umreliable too - don't think it have worked perfect in the two years I have had the setup.

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