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Chromecast audio disconnects

Chromecast audio disconnects

Chromecast audio disconnects after a minute or so of playing any song. All has worked fine for the last 6 months until the last firmware update. Any connection?

18 Replies

The same here.

Since the last updates it began to disconnect.

Android Nexus 5x
Chromecast Áudio

Is everyone having this issue also on CCA firmware 1.21.74816?

Same problem. Started recently, maybe in the last month, if not sooner. Does this with Spotify and on multiple CCAs.

I usually reconnect once or twice and its fine after that point.

It's occurring for us approximately 30 seconds after connecting.
Occurring across android (galaxy s5) and iOS devices (iPhone 7 plus / iPhone 6 Plus)

Rebooted internet connection, reset CCA to factory, rebooted all networking gear in the house, still occurs until I logged into here and then went to verify how long it takes to cut out, and it's just finished the first track and onto the next.

I hvae two Chrome Cast audio's, Spotify's Chrome Cast support has always been lousy, but one of the last couple of days i can't even connect to them fra the app anymore. (CC TV works though)

Since the last couple of weeks I face similar issues when casting Spotify from my Android devices to my Chromecasts (mine are as well under 1.21.74816):

  • estblishing the connection from Spotify to my Chromecasts takes longer than before
  • music stops from time to time, randomly, during songs (i.e. not when changing from one song to another)
  • if changing anything on spotify on my android device (e.g. moving to a different song in my playlist), this will change on the Spotify application but will not change anything to the music played on my Chromecasts
  • Adjusting sound on my Android device when on the Spotify app will not change anything at all - the volume indicator on the Spotify app would not even show up or change
  • Music keeps on playing despite having closed the Spotify app

Note that Spotify behaves normally when casting via bluetooth and not via Chromecast. I am not sure if the issue is relate to ChromeCast or to Spotify, but considering the behaviours described above I suspect it is related to Spotify not handling anymore correctly the connection to Chromecasts.

The issue is still present with Chromecast (Preview : 1.22.77272) and Spotify (v. armV7).


On the other hand, I'm able to play music during hours with Google Play Music.


Please Spotify, could you acknowledge the issue ?


This is seriously damaging my listening experience (and my nerves ! 🙂 ).

I am having the same problem. I found a workaround. Instead of trying to reconnect as usual, i go into settings of spotify and I go into Connect to a Device menu. When I choose my chromecast audio from there instead of from 'under' the song playing menu, it's working.

Same issue since some weeks.... before the update it worked fine...

Same problem here - years of seamless music streaming via Spotify and Chromecast and now songs won't play without skipping and stopping. Spotfiy fix this mess!

Try to update the Chromecast firmware joining the Chromecast Preview program from the Google Home app. It seems that to me this solved the issue!


More info about the Chromecast Preview program:

I'm already on the preview program and it's still happening. The only real fix is when it starts disconnecting and acting weird, you need to close spotify then go in app settings, kill spotify and then clear cache of spotify. Then reload spotify and voilà. Annoying but it takes 20 secs to fix. When it starts to bug again, do the samething.

This was actually my problem, but it was for the Chromecast 2, not the Chromecast Audio:

Joined the programme as you suggested, I am now on the same firmware version and also using the Chromecast 2. Still the same issues. I can't believe Spotify does not address this issue which people seem to have since months. This is a bad joke.

It is still not working properly. @Spotfiy: Are you guys aware of this issue? What steps are being taken to resolve this for your paying customers?

Same problem here, and they seem to be doing nothing to fix the issue. I've gone around and around with their tech support on chat and the @spotifycares (hilarious handle btw) on Twitter to no avail. They keep suggesting the dumbest most obvious things to try to resolve it (is your wifi connection ok? Why don't you try reinstalling the app?) instead of working on an actual solution. 

So somone on Twitter said to disconnect Facebook from Spotify using the desktop spotify program. I did that and so far my dropouts have stopped. Also the Android app update on Oct 19 has seemed to improve the speed and reliability of chromecasting and switching.

This problem has evidently gone on (perhaps intermittently) for years! Spotify used to work reliably with my Chromecast audio. However, with the latest Spotify app update, a very strong wireless signal and no OS or router changes, the tablet has now started disconnecting from the Chromecast Audio repeatedly - to the extent that enjoyment of music is ruined. If other services don't have this problem, why can't Spotify get it sorted? ☹️

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