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Chromecast audio multiroom

Chromecast audio multiroom


A couple of days ago google announced chromecast audio multiroom support. So went out and bought two devices.
Then I followed this guide on how to set it up.

Back in the spotify app (ios) there is a new "device" that is a CRA group called Home. When I try to use it it says "connecting..." forever and ever. Nothing happens. But I can play on each of the devices alone without a problem.

I downloaded the radio app TuneIn and tried the exact same thing and it worked without any problem.

Have anyone else experienced the same problem?

35 Replies

I have 4 chromecast audio connected to 4 different speakers. No prob to make a group and connect to the group with 4 speakers. But everytime I skip to next song or play from another playlist, spotify freeze and everything stops working. Google play music works perfect.

I got it to work the other day. Unfortunately I cant tell what happen, havnt changed anything in my setup. It just started working.

The issue occurs for me after I cast to group from my iPone and I decide to cast to a new group, it won't connect. I have to restart Spotify to get it to connect to  group again. 

Still no update to Spotify app on IOS to fix issue? Having to kill app then restart to connect to different group is pretty inconvenient. No issues with Google Music or any other chromecast app. Might need to make the switch.

I just picked up 2 Chromecast Audios tonight and I'm having this same issue. It's super disapointing. I hope this is resolved somewhat soon or they're going back. I thought this might be the super setup, but the frustration that the Spotify iOS app provides when wanting to simply switch from the Kitchen to the whole downstairs (cast group), ruins the entire experience.


Having to force quit to make this work isn't acceptable. I hope you guys take a second and set up a cast group in the office and try to get this working for everyone soon.

On my two chromecast audios it's intermittent, or rather it works once and then stops working. To get it going I have to fiddle with the chromecasts turning them off and on, waiting for varying times until I turn them on. Even then, I have no foolproof way to fix it. I have also written in a support thread at the chromecast forums, so there are more users having this issue.!msg/chromecast/LzwHfjcrqS4/ljvicRHCAAAJ

The really bad thing is that it only seems to be Spotify that gets it wrong, for example the Swedish public radio app, SR Play, works without a hitch every time. Surely you can do better than them?!

If anyone can have a look at this, then thanks!


same here.


- latest ios 9.3

- latest spotify version

- group of 2 chromecast audio


-> "Connecting ..."  forever when outputting to a chromecast audio group.

-> Works fine on a single chromecast audio

-> Works fine when restarting spotify app (sometimes quite slow though)


It's obvisoulsy a bug in spotify app since it can be resolved by restarting the app.

4 months since bug report seems a long time to resolve it ..

Same issue here. Come on Spotify, fix this!


The only manual workaround is to:

1) Start streaming to one of your Chromecasts

2) Go to Google Cast app and Stop the current cast

3) Go back to Spotify app

4) Now you should be able to connect to your group.

was having this issue....just reinstalled spotify on my ios device and now been workign beautifully:

So basically Spotify don't support multiroom on Chromecast Audio ,which is bizarre .. Ive cancelled for now and joined Google Play Music. 


Here's the somewhat confused emails I received from tech support 

Hi there,

Thanks for contacting us. We'd be glad to help you with your Chromecast's multi-room support. Rest easy, Spotify support is here!

Grouping a bunch of Chromecasts, lets you play songs through them. The multi room function sometimes do not work. Don't worry, it can be easily fixed.

This is only affecting a small subset of users. A permanent fix will be rolled out shortly. In the meantime, please try this potential workaround:

Try rebooting the Chromecast Audio device that is playing music (not the Chromecast Audio devices that are silent) using one of the below methods: 

  1. Unplug the power cord from the Chromecast Audio device that is playing music. Leave it unplugged for ~1 minute before plugging the power cord back in.
  2. Open Chromecast app > select the Chromecast Audio device that is playing music > touch the device card menu  in the top right corner of the device card > touch Device Settings > touch the device card menu  in the top right corner of the settings card > touch Reboot.

That should let you play awesome tunes through your Chromecast group of speakers.If there's anything else, please let us know. We're always here for you.

Have a nice day,



And then not long after when I mentioned this didn't work 

Hi Andy,

Thanks for staying in touch. 

We apologize for the confusion but it seems that Spotify currently has no support for the multi-room function. This means that you can only stream your music to one Chromecast device at a time.

If you think this is also something other Spotify customers would think is a good idea, be sure to add it to our ideas board. Those who also support your idea can then vote on it or add to the conversation.

We're always looking to bring Spotify to new hardware and devices. But we can’t say at this time when or if any specific releases will be out - we'd hate to let you down with promises we can't stick to! As soon as we've got something to announce we'll let everyone know via the Spotify blog, so keep an eye out.

You can also check out third party apps that may help with this issue. Unfortunately, we don't officially support them.

We aim to provide you the best music listening experience. If there's anything we can do to commit to this, please let us know. We're just a few clicks away.

All the best,


I'm not seeing this issue any more. Multi-room has been working solidly for
quite a while now.

that's odd because the email I received, saying they don't support multi room was dated  11th August 2016 

When did your issue clear up ?

Chromecast audio multi room worked since day one (several months ago) for me
Small disconnections sometime. Very annoying but quite rare.

Complement : Of course : multi room must be configured in google cast app, not in Spotify ! First create a group in cast app, then Spotify connect to this group while playing
Additional info : impossible to change volume in desktop app , only pause / play/ skip
(But group volume change works fine in Spotify iOS/android app)

yeah I know how to configure groups , it works fine for google play music , just not Spotify , and as I've stated Spotify say the dont support multiroom playback ( ie same song playing in  different rooms ) on Chromecast audio 


Baffled !

mutliroom audio with chromecast audios absolutely works with spotify, someone there is misinformed or confused. i have 4 connected in my house. did you get the googlecast app then group them? once you do that you should see that 'group' show up in other devices in spotify. im listening to whole house audio using my CCA's via my iOS device as we speak!

yeah done all that, rebooted all the Chromecast devices , deleted Chrome app and Spotify app, started again , all play fine individually, but when it comes to the group , which I can see in the apps , it just stays on "connecting" forever ...

The same problem as detailed here , so I'm obviously not the only one

What device are you using? I have it working on iOS, but haven't tried
anything else.

What device are you using? I have it working on iOS, but haven't tried
anything else.

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