Chromecast audio won't connect


Chromecast audio won't connect

I've got a chromecast audio that I usually connect to spotify. However I can no longer use this to listen to spotify. Spotify on my android phone shows/sees the chromecast audio but is unable to complete connection to the device.

All other apps can complete connection to the chromecast audio. Only spotify is affected.
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Same issue here, cannot connect to my Chromecast Audio nor my Chromecast Video. Other apps can connect and play audio and/or video. Tried both my Android devices, rebooted router and Chromecast, cleared app caches and even reinstalled apps on both devices,to no avail. Please fix this ASAP. 

General Mobile GM5 plus
Stock Android 7.1.1
Samsung Galaxy Tab s2 9.7
Stock Android 6.0.1


same here.

samsung s7, android 6.0.1, spotify


hudl 2, android 5.1, spotify

and also my son's iphone 5s


but i can cast fine from all other apps on the devices - also, i can cast fine from my laptop (using chrome browser and 'spotify web player').


so, it's an issue with spotify - nothing else 😞


was working fine until about 5pm today!!

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Same here