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Chromecast share with Family account.

Chromecast share with Family account.

My family and I have been using Spotify for a few years, with a Chromecast audio connected to our Home sound system. We were sharing the same account, so everyone could queue a song, skip tracks...


Today, we decided to take a Family account, but we cannot anymore choose songs without interrupting music (we can only skip songs through Google Home app).


I know that there is an idea to create a Party Mode on Chromecast since 2012 (post by blurk). But this is really annoying when everyone is listening to the same song in the house, that someone else can't change them without interrupting everything.


My suggestion will be the ability to connect to the current queue without interrupting the song when someone is linked to your family or a particular chromecast in the network. Doesn't know if this is possible, but will be great 👌.



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