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Claim a playlist from my old account.

Claim a playlist from my old account.

Is there anyway for me to claim a playlist I created on an old account?


I had a premium spotify account we'll call Spotty1. It was my original account and I created a small playlist.  I then created a second account called Tiffy2 to join a family plan and take advantage of a price promotion at the time.


I logged back into Spotty1 to cancel the plan, but I also made this playlist Collaborative so Tiffy2 can add songs to this playlist as well.


Spotty1 was connected to my Facebook account, but now I connected Tiffy2 to my Facebook account.  Spotify removed Spotty1's name and made it a a bunch of random numbers instead. I can't log back into this account at all, but I'd like to know if I would be able to claim this playlist on my new account, Tiffy2 and make Tiffy2 the owner.


Any help would be appreciated thanks!

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