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Claiming the Google Home Mini Offer


Claiming the Google Home Mini Offer






samsung galaxy 😎

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My Question or Issue

I've been told I can claim a google home mini but when I follow this link all I see is "Thank you so much!
You've already successfully registered your interest in this offer!"  well I havn't claimed before


when I follow Check availability.

I just get "We're sorry but you're not able to redeem at this moment."


so how do I claim one here in the UK


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@Billwoodeos2 : thanks for your comment. Do you know if there is a way to chat with a spotify representative on that?

You can get to chat through the support section of the website but it's
actually faster to Google it. It seems Spotify put very little money into
their support team so it's understandably hard to find the link to seek
help. They also don't have any phone numbers to call.

Chat with an agent they will tell you that you will receive an email with the redeem code in your email.

They told me the demand is high so it may take 3-4 days. Hopefully we get it. I experienced the exact same problem as you.


I am any having the same issue, I signed up for premium specifically for this offer back on the 10th, and I still haven't received my email. My account has already been charged, yet no email. Starting to question if the offer really exists.

Tweet them and use chat. @SpotifyCares - hilariously inappropriate Twitter
account name

Just give it 3 days I dont know why people who got the offer 3 weeks ago didnt get it. My friends who payed on April 9, 2019 they all got it in 2 days.

I have the same, signed up to premium with my previous free account in Canada that I log in through Facebook 2 days ago, got the 'We're sorry but you're not able to redeem at this moment.' error.


Does this mean I won't be getting the Google Mini? Am I on some wait list? The only email confirmation was that I signed up for premium and the lack of information has been frustrating. 

Well I just got my email, looks like waiting a few days fixed it

I just got an email regarding mini but when I went to add in stock. The item was out of stock RIP.


So I have to wait again.

I got an email saying that I could claim my Google Home mini, but when I went in to claim it, all Google Home Mini's were out of stock and the site would not let me put a google home mini into my cart. How do I claim my Google Home Mini if I can't check out one from the google website?

I just received the email that "Your device is now available." and followed the link to the Google Home mini store. The light gray option is out of stock, and the charcoal option says 'coming soon' but I wasn't able to add that to my basket either. Will it be restocked for those that are waiting to redeem their offer?


I got the same as you vlcleung. I talked with their support team using the chat they told me by tomorrow it will be sorted out.

I have had similar issues with the ‘unable to redeem’ error message. I’ve been in correspondence with Spotify for days, repeatably giving them the same information and answering the same questions over and over again. Now they’ve emailed me telling me the offer is already redeemed and they can’t send another one!!


Absolutely dreadful service from them but I’m not giving up on this. Anyone know how to get them to deliver on their own offer?

To @Endoftheroad , when did you try to claim this offer? The reason I ask is I tried to claim this starting on the 10th, it took a bit of waiting but it was sorted out by the 12th and the delivery should be on its way for me. It's frustrating, but also consider the offer is giving something for free it's a matter of waiting.


For me you eventually get an email that says your device is ready and you follow those steps and claim your mini. It was out of stock when I first clicked on the email (I know....) but a few hours later by the evening it went through, and all is fine in the world again!

That’s the whole point - I haven’t redeemed the offer. I have had the email, but when I go to the google page - it says “offer cannot be redeemed”. When I contacted Spotify through “spotifyCares” on Twitter (thy clearly don’t!), all they say is it’s already been redeemed. They’re essentially accusing me of fraud.

I have been trying to get the google mini as a exciting customer and i have been unsuccessful why what can i do to get this please

Am I going to get my code or no?  I registered about a month ago and haven't seen anything.  Been waiting pretty freaking patiently.

My famuly plan is now downgraded. Spotify is getting less money. How do we get the Google Mini if it's now a discontinued promo 😂😠

I'd like a refund for the premium account.

I tried to claim it but my order was cancelled by Google. Google told me this was an issue with Spotify but when I contacted them they told me they can't do anything. I really hope they can resolve everyone's issue with this promotion.

Hey folks,


We've noticed that users are posting in this thread with regard to a number of different Google Home Mini offers depending on your country.


If you are experiencing an issue with claiming the Google Home Mini offer in your country, please search for the relevant thread in the Community or, if one doesn't already exist, go ahead and make a new one. We will jump in and help you out as soon as possible.



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