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[Community][Connect] Playlist Mixtape Experiment

[Community][Connect] Playlist Mixtape Experiment

This is a call to the curious who wish to participate in a symbolic way to listen and be heard. 


We are students experimenting with an idea at Baltan Laboratories in The Netherlands.


We want to encourage Spotify subscribers to listen to music that they are not already attracted to, curated by other subscribers who might be new to them. Regardless of what language you speak, music can take you to different soundscapes, transcending culture.


Music playlists are the worlds we create in the online sphere. Take people into your worldview. Explore other worlds. Let’s see if a community develops. This is an entry point of understanding. Together, we can create a new algorithm in order to bridge the gap of communication amongst diverse people.  


  1. Create a playlist that makes sense to you and entitle it The Baltan Effect.
  2. Describe the idea behind your choice of music in your playlist bio.
  3. Use the Spotify search option to find The Baltan Effect playlists curated by other subscribers and listen to 5 hours (minimum) of music. 
  4. Communicate your experience on social media platforms that suit you and use #TheBaltanEffect


Share the soundscape in which you live.


Where is the music? You are the music!

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