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[Community][Social] Do the right thing and remove Joe Rogan from your platform.

[Community][Social] Do the right thing and remove Joe Rogan from your platform.

You need to decide if you are a music provider or a willing and complicit mouthpiece for disinformation.  I have a saying here which is "that which you permit you encourage".  What are Spotify's ethics?  Where is your moral compass pointing?  People will likely die as a direct result of what you are permitting.  Food for thought.  I am waiting to see if you will do the right thing but like Neil Young (one of my favorite artists) you will lose my business if you keep on your current path.  Never thought I would compare Spotify to Fox "News".

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It looks like Spotify iS doing the right thing instead of allowing a small group of people to impose their views on the rest of us.   There are a huge number of podcasts on here representing a diverse number of viewpoints.  Why not start one yourself or follow one that you find suitable instead of making demands on what the rest of us can listen to?

Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
I have just subscribed precisely because of this decision (and so have many others I know).
You and all the little soapbox dictators who like to tell everybody what they can and cannot think will not be missed by the remaining Spotify users.

I totally agree and am planning to cancel Spotify unless Neil Young is back and the other is gone pretty darn quickly

I am a longtime Spotify user and am deeply concerned about Spotify carrying Joe Rogan. Unless there is fact checking or explicit warnings about all the disinformation on his podcasts, Spotify should drop his podcast for the good of society. I am giving Spotify a chance to do the right thing or I will cancel my account and usage others to do the same.


Just cancelled premium and signed up for Apple Music, the audio quality is MUCH better, buh bye..

Hope all you pro joes can support what was a music site. When artists to go, so does the cash cow base

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