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Complete Sonos Integration...... please?


Complete Sonos Integration...... please?

Sonos was the main reason I signed up for a premium plan and I love the service.

But it's killing me that I can't use all of the Spotify features through Sonos.  Who is holding this up?  Sonos or Spotify?


I really want Radio, app support, a better layout or the site, etc....


Any chance any of these will occur?

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And what about "Your Music"?

Android only and no albums in "Your Music"

Dear Danny


Dont know exactly what is in the BETA. (i dont have android)

But they have opened the bag and it seems that SONOS and Spotify is talking.

Thats the good news. The rest time wil show.


Best regards




Newly became Rising Star.
Not yet experienced, but willing to learn.
If i can help, don't hesitate to ask. 🙂

The update has also been released to all users (not just beta testers) of iOS devices! Finally!


Almost all of Spotify's features are now available in the Sonos app except a limited number of charts. It would be great if they add "top 50 by country" and "viral 50 by country".

Hmm. Mine still looks the same. 

@kgunnells wrote:
Hmm. Mine still looks the same. 

Maybe the rollout is country specific. Are you based on the United States?

Yes. I'm in the U.S.  

Mine hasn't changed.  Did you have to do anything?  There are no updates on the app store? 

@kgunnells wrote:
Yes. I'm in the U.S.  

That's really odd. I updated Sonos for iOS about a week ago. I also did an update to the desktop app in OS X. As you can see from the screen capture, Sonos now allows to choose charts, new releases, genres and moods. Also, when you pick a particular artist, the artist radio is enabled. 

Spotify options on Sonos OS X.png

He's probably part of songs beta running v5.4

Make that the sonos beta

@BadCommand wrote:
He's probably part of songs beta running v5.4

I am signed up for Sonos Beta but my iPhone still has Sonos version 5.3.2 and I am able to use the new features. The desktop app is version 5.4, though, so maybe that allows to release of some features to the iOS version even though it still is 5.3.2.

That is correct.. A bit convoluted atm.

I got it figured out now. I actually had to leave and then re-join the beta program. I was then able to update on my Mac. There's no update for my iPhone but the older version does contain the new features. 
It's definitely a huge improvement but more needs to come. Specifically, we seriously need albums added to Your Music instead of just a long list of songs. 
I like the timing of this. With Apple Music set to launch next and and the lack of SONOS support at launch for Apple, it's a bit conspicuous that Spotify would now be doing this. Whatever the reason, thanks Spotify!

@kgunnells wrote:
It's definitely a huge improvement but more needs to come. Specifically, we seriously need albums added to Your Music instead of just a long list of songs. 

I agree. Since Sonos already can populate playlists and songs in the "my music" folder, it seems odd that they cannot add albums and artists. Apple breathing down Spotify's neck will undoubtedly help for Spotify to work harder with Sonos to improve the experience.

I was shocked after purchasing a Sonos to find that with supposed "integration" with Spotify, I could not do something as simple and important as access Albums through My Music on the Sonos app. From looking at the new Beta features, it seems like this functionality is still going to be missing even after the next update. At first I was furious with Sonos, but it seems like this is more due to the support that Spotify is providing through their API and potentially related to their competing platform spotify connect.


I found a simple solution - signed up for Google Play Music where I can browse my library by artist and album on the Sonos app. It took me about an hour to move my albums across and I got a 60 day trial - if Spotify can't work this out with Sonos soon then I'll just cancel my premium Spotify service. I really would have thought it was in both companies' interests to work collaboratively on this - completely unacceptable.

The new Sonos release feating updated Spotify integration is now released (5.5).  You gain on one hand (Radio, 'Now' and Genre Playlists, Your Music [Songs & Playlists only]) but lose on the other (Folders).  Its really too little too late.  They have now moved to the Spotify web-api which enables 'Your Music' but why the hell are Albums and Artists missing in Sonos ?  There is so much Sonos could do with Spotify yet they dont.  Its such a missed opportunity and will drive users away to Google and shortly Apple Music when that is supported.


I dont care who is at fault but you guys need to work together to get more functionality into Sonos or you'll both lose out.

Why cant i shuffle music in Sonos?

Marked as solution

Sonos announced today that it's opening up its platform to Spotify Connect

Really nice, many thanks to Sonos and Spotify to make this happen! It works great using Sonos 7 beta. Now I can use the Spotify app to play music via my Sonos Connect 🙂

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