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Complete Sonos Integration...... please?


Complete Sonos Integration...... please?

Sonos was the main reason I signed up for a premium plan and I love the service.

But it's killing me that I can't use all of the Spotify features through Sonos.  Who is holding this up?  Sonos or Spotify?


I really want Radio, app support, a better layout or the site, etc....


Any chance any of these will occur?


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According to the mods replies on other threads, the Spotify implementation on Sonos is the responsibility of Sonos themselves (using Spotify APIs I guess), so some of the features you're after (me too by the way) you should request from them.


Some of the other features I would hazard - perhaps Radio, most certainly Apps, possibly proper playlist folder support - would require updates to the Spotify APIs to allow Sonos to use them. I have no idea where or how to find out where that line is though, so it's worth keeping on badgering both parties.



Listening on Windows, Android and Sonos. Tweeting it at @davelicence

The Spotify search engine is really disappointing within Sonos. I'm not able to find Spotify playlists created by radio stations. However, with a free Spotify account and web browser, I can find them without any problem. For Spotify within Sonos, we need a premium account... and get less in return. Not fair!

Is any improvement expected in the near future for the Spotify search engine?

Fully agree. What about aproaching this the other way around and integrate Sonos into the Spotify client? E.g. beeing able to play music from within the spotify app to one of my Sonos components.

Integrating Sonos in the Spotify client?


This would be the perfect solution. I think this could easily done in Android using intents. And perhaps in Windows and OSX using the Spotify Apps API. Don't know in iOS.

Totally agree I just cancelled my Premium Spotify Service because of the sheer lack of Sonos Support.


I think Spotify are the guys who should be after proper support...


This SUX!

Sonos is effectively a UPnP device, there is no reason Spotify couldn't integrate with it form their application if they wanted to.

Completely agree with all posts here! I just want to add my support to the expressed sentiments.


I was thinking of ditching my LastFM account, but now I think I'll ditch Spotify if I can't use the 'tag' service in Sonos.


"Please note, Spotify."

I completely agree on this one. I just bought my SONOS system and have a spotify premium account. It works fine technically. But I just want to use my Spotify interface to play TO the SONOS speakers (or BRIDGE).


Can anyone from the spotify team comment on this?

Unfortunately, I have never seen a definitive answer on this...I wish SOMEONE/ANYONE from Sonos or Spotify would say anything...anything planned? Never going to be done? 


Definitely strange and many people cancel premium because of it...don't need the revenue?

There's a 13 page thread in the Sonos "Sound Ideas" forum with people asking for Spotify Radio to be added... the first post in the thread is over a year and a half old! Sonos doesn't seem to care, it seems... 


Of course, Spotify has an API for companies like Sonos to add support for their devices... and Sonos has an API for services like Spotify to add support for their service... so who is using who's API here? Or will each end say the responsibility belongs to the other side?


Neither side seems to be making any great strides here... and we, the paying listeners - for both the hardware and the service - are stuck with an inferior experience as a result. It would be great to hear from someone in either company that something is being done to improve things... but all we get is silence. No "We're working on it"... not even "We're considering it" or "We're waiting for [the other company] to update their API to provide the feature(s) we need to implement this"... just silence.


Silence speaks volumes.

No Spotify Radio? I don't care who's API is being used, I'm not paying Sonos a monthly fee for intergration services. Cancelling right now and getting Pandora's Premium service.


Hope you're listening Spotify.

I'm pretty sure this is on Sonos.  I know for a fact that the 3rd party Squeezebox plugin can interface the Radio function, so it is definitely possible within the Spotify API.

Spotify Radio still doesn't work in Sonos. However, Rdio Radio does work in Sonos, so I added Rdio and will be canceling Spotify. Thanks for nothing, Spotify!

For me folder and app integration would be great. 


Sonos Spotify is certainly more stable but doesn't improve interface at all. 

Agreed - but pending development Spotify could at least allow us to use the cheaper "Unlimited" subscription with Sonos.

Hi. New poster here. I've been using Spotify for a little over a year now. I use the app on my iPhone and hook that up to my old school stereo to play at home. Just got Sonos and love it (still figuring things out though).

My issues with the Spotify interface via Sonos are the same as everyone else's, however. The folders are inaccessible so I have to scroll through all bajillion playlists, there's no radio service AND you cannot set playlists to "Shuffle." I mean come on. Shuffle is a standard feature on any device dating back to the first CD players.

And why are Spotify and Sonos so bad at responding to their customers?

I think the main reason for lack of interaction so to say is that there is a complete different way of thinking behind the Sonos system. It is intended to play music 'by it self'. You are not streaming anything to it when using the Sonos app, you're just remote controlling it (allthough in the latest version there is some way of streaming, but really you're streaming the data, which is than played on the Sonos component). Therefore you're music does not get interupted by sounds from incoming messages and stuff like that, or Sonos playing you're ringtone with an incoming call, and muting when you're on the phone.


Because all of this the Sonos interaction with your Spotify account goes through the internet. So whatever you do in the Spotify app has to be saved to the cloud storage of your accoutn, where the Sonos system (yes, the system, not the app) can pick it up.


For me this is the main reason why I love the Sonos system, it fit's my needs perfectly. However your's may be different and you really want AirPlay streaming.....? Just hook up a AirPort Express to the line-in of a Play:5 and you're of.


Ive just gotten sonos and the spotify app. I really like the whats new part of the spotify app. But it isn't avaliable on the sonos controller?


Is there anyway this will work, im looking to upgrade to spotify premium but this is putting me off.





tonyoerlemans, what are you talking about? You are way off base. You just completely explained something that has zero relation to what we are discussing. No one is talking about Airplay or the internet or anything you just spouted.


We were talking about how Spotify does not use the Sonos' API, Application Programming Interface, to add the radio functionality that is inherent to the Spotify Desktop or mobile apps to Sonos devices.


Sonos has an API that other integrators like Spotify, Pandora, Rdio, etc.. can program for and add features to. We are cancelling our accounts with Spotify because they refuse to provide feature updates and upgrades.



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