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Dear users , dear supporters of Spotify ! I am trying to appeal to you of importance ! For months back , I tried through our Forum, to cast the light upon all of the music writers and composers ! We are many ! I do not understand why we shouldn’t have a place like any other artists and performers because they are only here because of all of us who are song writers and composers ! I cannot see why we shouldn’t be getting the chance to have our own Niche as all the artist does have ! A songwriter and or composer account , like all the artists are having theirs ! Music , and there through The artists / performers , wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for the thousands of composers and song writers Who made them !! Also we have seen lately , ridiculous lawsuits , against Spotify , from artists and from iTunes which stood behind them all ! Obviously , envy and greedy has no limits these days from Apple iTunes.. SAD ! But what these artists / performers forget is , that such lawsuits also demands The composer and songwriter , because legally and technically , they owe The Legal Rights over the performers and artists ! And none of these lawsuits that was against Spotify, The song writers nor composers was involved ! So technically and legally artists and performers and iTunes , Who stood behind this , should expect a lawsuit from their composers and songwriters , for actually having tried to say , that of copyrights is theirs , when it is actually the composers and song writers , who didn’t filed a lawsuits ! What I am trying to say , let’s try to get this community stronger and Spotify stronger , since we all know that is the best developed music platform in The world ! By doing so , we could start a new music revolution , by allowing all the composers and songwriters , To have their own song writer composer accounts , just like the performers and artist have ! This should also include so many great and wonderful DJs around the globe , Who is trying to make the music even better through their performance and arts of work , that makes us , song writers and composers even more proud of our work ! Through such New development added into the Spotify , we composers and song writers , along with the DJs Also would have the chance to stand up together, and not only protect what is ours , but also make it possible to connect with each other abroad continents , and there through also protect support The worlds Best music platform , Spotify , as it should be ! Please allow that we and our voices will be heard , so that we also have the opportunity to represent ourselves by having an account exactly like the many wonderful artist have ! In That way we can also protect the legal aspects if any performer or artist or any other platforms like iTunes , should claim a copyright issue against Spotify which technically and legally not can be claimed without the song writer nor composer ! Let’s reunite and fight against those evil people of iTunes , who literally is trying to take us all down as Spotify users of any kinds ! Thank you for your support and attention !

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