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Confused about not being able to find a friend after I went off FB

Confused about not being able to find a friend after I went off FB

Hey there,


I've read a few of these threads, but I'm still a little confused. 


I recently went off Facebook (deactivated) and made my spotify account separate from Facebook. (Deleted the app from FB, clicked "disconnect from facebook" under preferences, all that.) 


In terms of friends and my feed, I can still see all the friends I "followed" while still connected to Facebook. That all makes sense to me. 


But when I try to search for a friend of mine who has a facebook and is definitely still on spotify, she doesn't come up in the search engine like she used to. I would normally just assume it's because I disconnected from Facebook, but I can find other old facebook friends that have spotify when I search for them. Just not her...

And I'll confess that it's less about finding her (okay, she's not a friend, she's an ex) and more about seeing if she blocked me or something? I know that makes me sound like a crazy person (and hey, maybe I am, i'm open to that analysis), but I'd still rather know it's just a system situation and not her making it so I can't see her stuff for some reason.... (Sorry, this is so embarrassing, but it's nagging at me)

So, the question is: is this just connected to the facebook thing? and is there a way to make yourself not appear in the search, and could she have done that to keep me from finding her, or no, the world does not revolve around me and I just need to relax?


much appreciated 

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