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[Connect] Why does Spotify Connect play hidden songs?

[Connect] Why does Spotify Connect play hidden songs?


I use Spotify on my android smartphone and Spotify Connect on my Playstation 4 and  on my Internet Streaming Device Teufel 3sixty. Why does Spotify Connect play hidden songs, which I just "disliked (= hide)" on my smartphone with a click on the "minus"? Reinstalling Spotify on my smartphone and Spotify Connect on my PS4 has not solved the problem. Ist this a bug? On each devise I use the actual Spotify version.

Thx for reply!

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Same problem here,


I use Spotify  on IOS with a fire tv cube and a Sonos system. When I hide songs (in German ausblenden) Songs are Skipped on may IPhone, but as soon as I stream to another device they are streamed anyway. 

So I see the minus in the App, while the song is being played but it keeps on playing.


Especially annoying is that I followed your hint to reinstall the app and reconnect my profile, because now all the songs that I had been hiding in the last half year are visible again. A lot of work lost.


thanks for your reply.

Hey @Matze05 and @SaschaO,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community. 


Note that the way that the Hide this song feature works is that it's device and playlist specific. This means that the song will still come up on other playlists and when streaming on another device. The way Connect works is that you use one device as a remote control, but streaming occurs actually on the one, used for playback. That's the reason why you're hearing hidden songs over connect.


It seems however that other Spotify users mentioned they'd like to see the feature to hide songs synch across devices and posted an idea. You can add your support there by up-voting the idea. We'll inform on any developments there, if there are any. So make sure to subscribe, if you haven’t already. 


Hope this is helpful but don't hesitate to let us know if you have any further questions!

Mihail Moderator
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When I review a playlist before playing it and I hide songs I don't want to hear, why do they still play?


I'd argue that Spotify's "hide" feature isn't very useful if it's keyed to the device and playlist, not to the individual user, and if it doesn't take effect immediately after being activated.

Hey @Carpetbagger_


Thanks for reaching out here in the Community.


Keep in mind that when you're using Connect, the streaming occurs on the device that's being used for playback and this could be the reason why you're still listening to the songs you've hidden on your main device.


We really appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us, and will make sure to pass it on to the right folks as we always strive to improve our users' experience. 


If anything else comes up, the Community will be here. 



This answer sounds to me like this a choice driven by revenue. Technically this should not be an issue to resolve.

You tell us to upvote this excellent idea but the idea is closed, why?

If I don't like a song I won't listen to it, on any device.

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