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Connects to one device but not another

Connects to one device but not another







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"Names changed but you get the idea"


So I had my main Spotify account linked to my Jeff Bezos account. As this was getting in the way (me out and about, someone plays something at home, my phone stops etc.) we upgraded to a family account so my wife could use Premium and also we could set up a separate account for the home.

Set up the new account with now problems (aside from the ridiculous username it was given) - unlinked my main Spotify account from Jeff Bezos account and linked the new one.

Now this is where it gets interesting (within reason). I have a couple of Echos set up in a group.

Everything was connected before switching accounts, each device and the group. After switching accounts, one device and the group is in the list of devices, the other one isn't.

If I tell it to play something, it says it will but nothing happens. If I do the same and tell it to play on the Everywhere group, it confirms in the same way and then plays it.

The device can't be found using either the desktop Shmalexa app, Shmalexa app on iphone or Shmalexa tablet. Local devices is switched off but changing that doesn't help.

All software is up to date, nothing has changed aside from unlinking and relinking accounts.

Even in the iphone Shmalexa app, I can get that particular device to play from something else (Tunein for example) but if I select something from Spotify on that device only, it thinks about it and nothing happens.


So has anyone had come across this or got any other ideas? I feel like I've eliminated every other variable so its just down to things I haven't thought of:

1. Used to work on previous account; both accounts are family

2. Different players/iphone/tablet/desktop player/web player - none can find it but can find and play on the other identical device and the group

3. Tuneinn/Jeff Bezos Music work

4. The other device is an identical make and model (but named differently)

5. Either way, I haven't changed the name of them

6. Doesn't play using Shmlexa app either



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