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Connotations and Denotation from Lyrics of the Specified Song

Connotations and Denotation from Lyrics of the Specified Song

Hi, My name is Terrance. Im a spotify Premium user and I had an idea a day ago when I saw this website ( that gave the actual lyrics to the song and what the Author ment by it. this is a very good idea because authors have tons of hidden meanings in songs that could help you relate to the music. Its proven that if you can relate to something you enjoy or tend to like it more, and I'm almost 100% sure that this applys to music. One of the problems with the other website that I mentioned is it showed connotations and denotations and had the tendancy to use what it sounded like and sometimes would get mixed up between the lyrics. Lastly it wasn't as easy to play the song while you watched the lyrics as it went. In my opinion this would be a great addition, Hopefully you take this thought into consideration. Sincerly, a proud Spotify user. 

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