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Content I've been paying for being replaced with nitwit cover substitutes

Content I've been paying for being replaced with nitwit cover substitutes

Premium, all platforms (Win, Web, Android)

Why is my text green? Cos you spammed my body with green. What is that? It's certainly unusual, after using forums for 20+ years.

I have to select text and set color to black manually to get a normal post. OK.

This has... OK, we're back to green text from alt-tabbing to Spotify. Your forum has problems.

Now I got 3 newlines from an Enter press. XD

I hope you're getting all this valuable feedback on your products. It's perfectly normal to make a webpage that gives a user a rich text format text box to enter a post in. It's not Science! It's 20 years in the bag!


The actual topic is much more serious. You are replacing songs, including ones that I've liked, with substitutes, while increasing the monthly fee.


The examples are many, but just recently it affected several songs by Vangelis and whose legacy may have passed some grubby hands, but you must show that you are better than that, in order to have anyone consider you a replacement for other identical services or the songs you pirated to build your empire.


I have nothing against new artists choosing you as platform for streaming, I have published original work here myself. But what happens to that trust? Will you let anyone richer than you replace my work with the kind of terrible cover trash I just heard, thinking I was listening to Vangelis?


Compared to other issues on this forum, this is an actual issue. What do you tell creator and listeners? Why should they stay with you, if you both pirate legitimate artists, become big off of it, and then cannot stand up even for the artists you pirated? What hope would there be for any artist paying money to share on your platform?


You will defend your platform? I guess not. And hey, now we're back to green default text. It happened from pressing shift+home and starting the sentence over. (Unit test help from a dev.)


It's still playing "songs", but that's a low bar.


Who are you? Will you defend what you built?

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