Copy Playlist between Family member


Copy Playlist between Family member

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Hi there
Im using my Account with my Family
How can i Copy a Playlist from One member to the Other, so from One id to another id?
Ive The feeling im not the only One asking this?
Thanks in advance for any help
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Hello @esffm, welcome to the Spotify Community,


There are a few ways that you can accomplish your goals of copying a playlist.


The first way isn't exactly a copy...instead it's a share.  You can right click on a playlist and select SHARE and send it to the user name of your family member.  They will get a notification that you shared the playlist and then they can hit the FOLLOW button on the playlist.  In some cases, this is better then copying because if you make a change to the playlist they will automatically get those changes.


The next thing you can do is similar.  After you send them the playlist instead of following it, they can select all of the songs (hit CTRL+A) and then drag the selected songs into a playlist that they created.  That will quickly give them their own playlist that is a copy of yours.


I hope one of these two solutions work for you.  If so, feel free to mark this as an Accept Solution so that we can consider the issue resolved and others can benefit from the solution.  If neither of these solutions meet your needs, then lets keep discussing to see if there is something else we can come up with to meet your requirements.




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