Couldn't find my playlist on artist account


Couldn't find my playlist on artist account


Hi everybody, sorry if it's the wrong place to ask questions, but I didn't found any other page to ask my question. I'm trying to add a public playlist to my artist profile.


On my computer when I'm on "spotify for artist" I'm adding a playlist made with my personal account, I find it, I save. And when I'm reloading the page it disappear. Sometime it stay like 10 minutes, and then it disappear again.


On my phone with the app "spotify for artist" when I try to add I can't find my playlist.


I've see some people having the same problem, and the solution was to enter that kind of code 

spotify:user:g8jbpp7fpkjdox57qnuwp7408:playlist:3yNli0X3Bugv8Wj9ojYzvP when they are searching for their playlist. I've tried on computer and phone and it doesn't work too.


So how am I supposed to do to link this playlist to my artist account?


my artist name is Le Dusko, and my playlist is


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